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Devi Devta Siddhi Mantra Rituals

Can we get siddhi of any devi or devta by just taking his or her energy through vk and not chanting any mantra and not following any ritual????plz reply


  • @Ashish786

    You can take energy of any positive Mantra/ Divine Being just by a simple request to VK.

    Because VK has the speciality to mimic positive energies.

    Check this article on mimicking

    Also check this learning post by Sharat Sir how to request VK

  • Golden Sunrise @Ashish786, Although you have a FAQ, but I would be more interested in knowing your Agenda for attainment of Siddhis. By Agenda, my intention is to judge, as to what makes you enchanted towards Siddhis - mere fancy or spirituality.

    I have always suggested to everyone to know your subject before aspiring to graduate it. Let me opine on your quarry. Siddhi in its literal sense denotes to one's psychic ability to attain some magical status or perform something miraculous. Yogis meditate years before they are gifted with such Siddhis. I have explained Ashta Siddhis in one of my previous posts. I really raised my eyebrows when I read content of your quarry - Siddhi of Devi & Devta.

    I guess your desire is rather confused than intended, so please understand what you are longing for. Siddhi of Devi & Devta means that one attains power to insist, rather compel a Devi or Devta to fulfill his/her wish (I am sure you do not intend to wish so). Most of the time, such people rise in their psychic levels but end up in a crash. Reason being, it raises adversary senses(Ego, Proud, hostility etc.) simultaneously

    Paramhansa Yogananda, professed in his book of autobiography, that in the path of spirituality, one should not aspire for Siddhis as one might be misled and may not pursue on this scheduled path of transcendence.

    Siddhis are gifts from the divine. It is bestowed to the Sadhak and a real Sadhak holds the power as a secret treasure. Unless it is the voice of Divine, he/she shall not refuge to such power. One's humility is the basis or the first step for upgradation in Spirituality. Pursue and the gifts comes along.

    VK gives you Energies in its purest forms. But Sadhana (meditation) is yours. Spirituality is through the Soul, so please do not expect an overnight hocus-fucus. Practice unconditionally with a clear heart. Blessings are bestowed by Divine as you elevate.

    All the best for your journey,

  • Thanks to everyone who answered me specially sanjay sir. I meant that there are some pujaa and anushthan.....I feel everytime the energy which I ask vk to give..I just want to ask that in a anusthan we try to be benefited by the particular devi and devta by their blessings....sometime they meet us in sadhna whome we can feel physically also but this a special question is that can we get the same benefit by requesting vk for their energy with meditation and we don't chant mantras.....plz clear my confusion.... thanks to all masters for giving me your precious time
  • Thanks rakhi mam for helping me and giving me valuable links
  • Of course Ashish. It is the speciality and beauty of VK. Go ahead, try and share.
  • Many many thanks to your quick and sweet response sir......I am trying and feeling great.....after being successful I will definitely share to all of you sir.....once again I am very thankful for giving me your great support.
  • @Ashish786

    Thank you for your thank you and sharing your happiness and emotions.

    @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Special :thankyou to you for always sharing with us something new on soul and spirituality . Food for the soul !!

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