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How can i use vk for all of my problems at once?! Can we use like that?!

I have taken the following serums for 1 month
Bravo serum+ alpha women serum
Fem serum
MUS+ Beauty serum
TWS + MUS+ ACS+ Bravo + alpha woman serum
MUS + PHS + Bravo serum
Study serum + braun serum

I used the above combination of serums and i noticed some favourable change wuthin me..i have decided just to be happy..and i was ok..but i became hyper and angry may be because of MUS and went into conflicts at my work i stopped it..stopped all the combination of serums!! I think by using many of these serums iam going in the wrong way!

I want change within me..fed up of supressing myself and my fear and inferiority complex! And fed up of this career..
Iam not getting any interest in this career..may be due to my fear, lack of confidence! But i want to do it..i dont have any option like changing my career!
And i want to become outgoing too.
I used to be so genius and intelligent at my studies..but now i lost that feature not able to understand anything..and am becoming a fool infront of my colleagues due to my stupidity!
Am not stupid am intelligent but due to fear i think..i feel my brain doesnt work at times and i look like a fool!! At work i dont remember the going very late to work..not seeing cases actively..and not learning anything due to my lack of outgoingness and due to lack of confidence and due to my shyness.
And i dont have friends because of this shyness fear and stupidity.

How can i help myself with vk!!


  • And this marriage thing!! I want love..i have this neediness..but i dont trust anyone and fear of love is there..
  • @Brightlife888 , I think and strongly believe that you just need a combo of Alpha Woman Serum, Beauty Serum, and Total Wealth Serum for at least 3 months.

  • Thank you sir!
  • Please let me to deal with addiction to love and this neediness, self hate..attention seeking..which are killing me.. through out my day i just have these thoughts..hating myself and seeking love and affection in my thoughts from other men!!
  • Seeking love and attension!!
  • @Brightlife888 ,
    Please continue with the serum combination recommended by sir in the above comment.
    It will increase your self esteem and worthiness . Do keep following the guidance .
  • U can also send LOVE SERUM to the universe
    To recieve more and more love from universe for you .

  • edited November 2017
    Thank you sir!
  • @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor To some extent my situation is also same . Self love and worthiness is important.
    After reading this query I made my own combo of serums .

    GS+ TWS + Alpha Male serum + Beauty serum + Balance serum

    If this combo is right I would like to experiment for next 3 months with only this .

  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher yeah sir .. sab aa gaya iss combo mein .. Perfect for me . will update after 30 days and than after 90 days :D :D

  • @apoorvm
    We Appreciate your enthusiasm in learning and sharing

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher I am doing lots things. And getting good results also. So just trying to improve myself and getting better day by day.

  • Can I take GS+Tws+alpha women serum+beauty serum+ balance serum+Bravo serum

    After 30mins of this combination again different combination
    GS+flab down serum+perfect health serum+ gym serum

    And shield of seven rays to my complete self.

    Please guide me I am new Vk user.
  • @Deepali_Shah28

    Yes you can.

    Max 5 energies in one combination.

    So you can remove Beauty serum from 1st combination and add to the 2nd.

    When you take the serums in water gap can be 10 min between 2 healings not related to same healing.

    By other methods it can be 30 min
  • Golden sunrise!
    I know my two vks are with me.. They are helping vkoos have helped me a lot.. But why IAM still the same.. People are rolling all over me and IAM letting them do so.. Due to lack of my confidence. Have been taking serums for 7 months.. One it's GS+ALPHA WOMAN SERUM+BEAUTY SERUM+TWS and other one is
    GS+ACS+MUS is working now IAM not getting suicidal tendencies.. But why still low confidence fear and can't do anything alone and no assertiveness and can't express my feelings and emotions properly... Life is becoming so difficult for me
  • @Brightlife888

    You can add BRAVO SERUM with MUS to come out of fears
  • One genuine doubt ma'am I don't know how one can manage taking 3-4 serum combinations in busy duty days.. For me taking 2 swim combinations is only like I can hardly manage to take 4 times a day
  • @Brightlife888
    It may sound bit awkward but as they say where there is a will there is a way
    A normal human is awake for 14-16 hours a day and after charging water bottles once in the morning we are supposed to be consuming that water throughout the day and for different healings there is suggested 10 minutes gap so even if 4 different combinations have to be taken they will be consumed within an hour
    So 4 doses after a gap of 3-4 hours can be easily consumed throughout day
  • No sir consuming water not for me
    I will give direct request or think about some other way thank you
  • @Brightlife888

    I suggest you to first take your own self on priority. Do not focus on healing others at this point of time

  • IAM not healing any one man it's just that I don't get time even to drink water also
  • @Brightlife888

    How many litres of water do you drink daily ?

  • Not even 1lit
  • @Brightlife888

    If i remember you are in Medical Profession and you even assist Surgeries. Are you?

  • @Brightlife888

    Increase your water intake whether you charge it with VK or not is another thing.

    Lack of water will give lot of physical and mental issues in long run. You already know being in medical field ....the importance of water intake.

    However busy you are....set your personal life priorities

    Request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE to remind and make you drink atleast 2.5 lit water daily.

    If you charge the get a BONUS OF COSMIC ENERGIES !! What say?

  • Yeah mam... During this conversation I came to realize IAM not drinking enough water only
    Thank you I'll try set my personal priorities
    Thank you
  • Dear Brightlife888

    Just could not hold myself back in this discussion which is approx 7 months old. It aches to see a Brightlife go Dim. Golden Sunrise to you.

    I am sure, you must have seen some building gates which are made with flattened strip-rods placed in oblique position, where you may see nothing when you stand in front but when you step just a bit askew, you may see inside. Another example could be 2 or 3 dimensional pics of Deities where you have to shift your vision left or right to see the image changed.

    I guess this is what is happening with you. Being in a subdued state of mind, you are not able to evaluate yourself. You are watching people overtaking you ...... stepping on you to upgrade...... or making you feel foible. I suggest you, to know that all these situations are subjected to, how you look at it. Mostly we visualize these situations like someone has outraced us, or considering us as inferior. Sometimes we feel like "I am not of the level......maybe people are smarter.....or Am I a loser - always?? But this is not true. In fact, people, in general, have much lesser IQ than we think - the difference is in the way we look at it.

    Let me take myself as an example. I was an average student in school and quite obviously, I had the same company...I mean group. I noticed all in my group had a wall created around them and in-spite they aspired to, but hesitated to mingle with those boys who had a good scoring record. Just for being an off-beat, I shirked off my inhibition and started interacting with them, as we had at least a common ground - Sports. There were no barriers then. I became one of them. Even I scored better since then.

    I was lady-shy, predominantly because I was weak in spoken English. But my wits were good and I could make jokes on myself. I started speaking to myself in front of mirror, read newspaper loudly, talk to myself in english on the way back. Believe me, I still see myself to be very popular among ladies today at the age beyond 50. Does that connects you somewhere??

    Please STOP comparing yourself with others or what they are capable of. You are yourself and so Be yourself. Create your own way as if you are the one who no one else can be. What someone else has done was his piece of cake......its your birthday and you are going to cut a new cake. Shine and others will recognize, its my promise. You said yourself that you were a genius someday. Let that genius emerge once again. Generate Love for yourself and you will find your love automatically.

    With the above commitment to yourself, heal with VK. Divine supports who support thyself. You will gain your lost confidence once you stop looking or caring about others.

    This is my opinion. Do you agree ?

  • Sanjay roy sir thnku so much for this post.....really thnku

  • Gratitude Sir your each and every word is treat for me to read and boost postivity.
    Thankyou So much sir for the wonderful explanation.
  • Thanks Puneet, especially for your Love. In fact, your positive waves fills me with more positivity.

  • Sir with due respect am not comparing with others but am just telling that doosre mujhe dabake rakh rahe Hain and due to my lack of confidence main kuch nahi bol pa rahi..and in my working place am lagging behind due this my self supression
  • I love my vks but life is still the same and am disappointed! Have been taking GS+AWS+BS+TWS since 6months continuously
    For earlier 6months break aaya in taking serums like I used to miss 1 or 2 days
    If you were in my place sir what would you do sir
  • Golden SunRise @Brightlife888,

    Nobody can in each other's place. But if I were you I would surrender to the situation first. You know why?? This will bring the situation on an even platform. When someone is suffering too much and taking too many of medicine which is not working, she/he should stop all medicare for once. This window brings the body to a base level, then, one should take up a new prescription. Likewise, if you are currently feeling too much suppressed, surrender to the situation for a while.

    Genius ko koi dabaa sakta hai kya? Aapka mann hi aapko kamzor kar sakta hai aur koi nahi. Please do not think that the world will always according to you, mostly you will see a BSc or an MSc person end up working in a Bank. My interest is in Literature but I started my career as a Hardcore computer programmer, and look at the irony - for last 27 years, I am heading a Sales team in Shoe industry. Now, think what would you have done if you were in my place. What should have I done ? I am giving my own example, so that you may not think that I am not understanding your despair.

    Dear @Brightlife888, most of us, do not get their dream job or expected life. Companies, today, have a cut-throat environment, where there is always enormous work pressure and still superiors try to suppress sub-ordinates more, so that they do not evaluate themselves and desire for more. They actually try kill their ambitions. But still people are surviving .....isn't it? At your end, I would have been proud of what I was, and maintain that I still am the same.....intelligent & capable. But I will try to be wise too. Who can suppress me at work or at home when I can tackle the fiasco better & faster than others (otherwise my evaluation about myself stands wrong). Even working for my dream company, I might be having a big work pressure. Then I might not be complaining but situation would be the same.

    Please understand, inferiority complex is result of self inflicted notions and mis-judgement about oneself and confidence is an assurance from within that 'I can do it'. Please break the shackles within yourself and recognize your real self. That is the Mantra. Give-in to the situation however, grim they are. Go with the wave but don't get drowned, swim along and you will see that you are ahead of others in 'their' race.

    I suggest you stop all the serums for the time being and with VK in your hand, 'Release your Negative Emotions' (Chapter-2 of Manual), under heads Fear, Greif & Apathy, for 15 days or 1 month. I think you will find your desired result and confidence. You may start your favorite serums after that. May God Bless you.

  • Sir..thank you
  • Sharat sir.. Thank you so much for serums and Vk..I feel boost in my confidence, I think due to the serum combination you told me to take.
    I think it's about the consistency and perseverance in taking serums, and patience..for some people it may take long I think.
    Thank you
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