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edited July 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Thank you Sharat sir and all the divine teachers have a success story to share. Today I went to a salon to do my hair botox and I was assigned a new hair dresser and I was hoping it would be someone senior so I requested VK angel two things firstly a senior hair dresser and 2nd that my bill amount shouldnt exceed more than 1500 and both my wishes were granted to me.....I was truly delighted. Thank you Golden Sunrise......Love Prithy


  • @Prithy

    Thank you for sharing your happiness here.

    You are a new user and happy to see you using VK like this with simple wishes coming from heart and talking to VK like a friend.

    keep sharing to motivate all of us.


  • Wow
    Nice experience
    Golden sunrise to you and your achievement.
    Thank you for sharing
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