Growing pain in legs

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Pls suggest the serums for growth pain for my daughter......


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    What is her age. Growth pain ?

  • She is 4 yrs 6 months.....but she is having this from past 2 years
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    It is not clear, growth pain ?

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    Yes doc. Told me when I took her two years back.... She always complain having pains in both legs specially on thighs, calves and at the back of knee.... She woke up in mid night bcoz of pain and used to put pressure on her legs with hands whole night.... And in morning time also she always say "my leg is paining mamma...."
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    Sorry.... Its growing pain....
  • @Dolly

    I think you also asked for anaemia healing for the same child in another post. Follow that thread.

    Additionally, You can increase PERFECT HEALTH SERUM DIGEE SERUM BALANCE SERUM frequency for her.


    Will discuss with Sir if anything more is required in this case.

    Are there any other health related aspects, where healing is required ?

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    Yes mam I asked for her only for anaemia....two days before when I took her to doc. For her viral that time doc. Told me about this

    Yes I will do the request daily.... For two times or one time is OK

    No other health issue.... Actually her main prob. Is that she never takes proper and healthy diet.... Whenever I give her something healthy or nutritious she refuses then I give that to her forcefully which is of no good....

    That's why she is anaemic, under weight and easily get effected by weather change and all yet she is active enough....
  • @Dolly

    When you REQUEST VK to bless your child ... do it with pleasure without counting.

    You are speaking your heart to VK for your child, don't do it as a ritual.

    Connect to VK with your heart for your baby.

    We do not count when we pray to Divine for our family. Same applies to VK !!

    What say Dolly ?

  • Yes mam that's very true.... blessings comes from heart only and no rituals is needed for it....
  • Thanks mam
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