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Shield of Seven Rays Working Whole Day

This discussion was created from comments split from: How to use VK to get benefits of planet.


  • @Shrinath
    Please take the energy names correctly . Its SHIELD OF 7 RAYS .....not 7 layers.
    VK will take the request only with correct energy names for Cosmic Serums or SHIELD OF 7 RAYS or any other.

    Example if you want to use energy of ORANGE COLOR, please specify ORANGE COLOR, otherwise one may get energy of ORANGE (Fruit) !!

  • Sorry for the wrong name. But if I charge the water with SHIELD OF 7 RAYS OF PROTECTION and consume the water without any specific intention. Can it work?
  • @Shrinath ji ,
    When someone touch VK or pull it out of hand there must be an intention /thought.
    Serums and request to VK starts working within a moment a request is made.
    Vk will work if you have any specific request or not .
    Sharing one of my personal experience with you , when i got my VK i was in lots of doubts and have lots of questions.
    There were lots of rituals of religion and rieki which i was following before VK even my mind gets over possesed with self beliefs.
    One day i was talking to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji and asks lots of questions.
    Sir listen me full and answered patiently
    o:) Sir guide me to stop questioning and start experiencing.
    @Shrinath ji now me and VK are so much linked as such
    <3 I can charge water and things with my eyes only .
    <3 I don't request thrice always VK works with my first thought only .
    <3 I can request and fell VK from distance
    And lot more like this .
    <3 Every moment is an experience and learning with VK now.
    Please do share your experiments and experiences with us .

  • @Shrinath ji
    One correction please charge/request with VK
    "Shield of seven rays ".
    No need to add "of protection" word
    The energy name is SHIELD OF 7 RAYS...
  • @Shrinath Whenever we charge water with Shield of Seven Rays and drink it whole day long, multiple times, it will enhance our security shield, again and again, more and more.

  • This discussion was created from comments split from: How to use VK to get benefits of planet.
  • Thank you sir, i will try by keeping what i want to manifest clear.

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