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VK TIP 16 - Energise Your Bank Accounts, spend money with ease

When you feel you spend more and more, but you also feel that you have limited earnings.
How do you balance the cash flow into the account and going out.,,,,,

You can use SHIELD OF 7 RAYS with VK.
Keep VK aside for 30 min.

This will help in guiding you to spend wisely and open ways so that the account remains replenished. B)

:3 You can do for all your accounts together or specific accounts, depending on your situation.
:3 Please note this can be done number of times depending on your need or situation daily.

B) Also keep working on your financial goals....following your inner guidance or the Universe to replenish your bank accounts .

Additional Tip : Take TOTAL WEALTH SERUM and ALPHA MALE SERUM(for males)/ALPHA WOMAN SERUM (for females) regularly


Break the thought of "limited earnings" changing it to........ INFINITE PROSPERITY BLESSINGS.


  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher maam to increase bank account balance i use mood up serum along with TWS and SO7R with clear mind and not to think how it will happen since Divine has various doors to prosperity.

  • @girichander

    Thats great Girichander. Keep sharing your experiences to motivate all of us

  • Thanks Rakhi maam for the tips. Please inform whether we have to keep VK aside for 30 min everytime we request VK to do something. I read your other posts also where you have told to keep VK aside for 30 minutes after request. Is it not sufficient that we request VK for particular wish 3 times at go and then do other things with VK like giving energy to other people rather than keeping it aside for 30 mnts?

  • @hello2sam

    Thank you for your thanks

    You can please read this

    Q . When I directly request VK for energising my wish , why should I keep it aside for at least 5 min or upto 30 min . Can I wear it immediately instead of keeping it aside.

    A. VK is an intentional tool. While we wear it follows our thought which are clear. If we wish to do any specific healing. After requesting if we still wear it and if our thoughts go on some other aspect of life VK will leave that first request and follow the next one. So VK starts taking next next thoughts.

    Suppose u requested for perfect health serum . Then while still wearing it after 10 min in your mind you think that your children should score well in semesters. Then after 5 min you think you should have a perfect body weight.

    So the first request of perfect health serum ...The energy sent was only for 10 min. Then 5 min for children and then after 5 min for body weight.

    So if we keep aside VK for 30 min. VK concentrates on that healing. Because it cannot follow our continuous changing thought -
  • I have one question to the above. We say VK is intentional tool and whatever request we give to VK we have to mention 3 times. Now suppose we requested VK for one healing and then wear VK. After some time our thoughts will go here and there but these thoughts are not repeated 3 times so should VK pick them ?

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