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VK's physical properties

edited June 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Three weeks ago was my dad's birthday, he did not wear Vibbes Kada before the birthday as he thought it was auspicious. On his birthday he was excited to wear Vibbes Kada.

I have seen my dad successfully manifest more customers to his business just buy chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE + TOTAL WEALTH SERUM. We was even able to pay back loans effortlessly, with the help of VK.

Recently his skin has been gently scraped by VK, and he has told me that the bottom rigids were sharp. I touched it and had felt a difference of texture between my VK and his VK.

Though this physical difference is visible, the results we get by using VK for our manifestations is the same. SUCCESSFUL!

How could I use VK to soften it's own surfaces, so that my dad doesn't get scratched/scraped by VK?


  • @BestMan

    Thank you for sharing beautiful experiences of your dad with VK in just 2 months.

    Yes you are right, we get results with VK irrespective of its physical properties, because the physical properties are of the raw bangle , even before its attuned with Cosmic energies by Sir.

    For roughness, just use a sandpaper. Rub the sand paper on the surfaces of VK, where you know might be causing discomfort to the skin.

    This can be done easily. And VK will still have the same healing properties.

    In case you don't have a sand paper, you can mimic its properties, though it would be better to use real sandpaper.

  • That's really good news, since I do Design and technology in school, I will be able to use a sand paper. Great advice, and thanks for this creative suggestion!
  • @BestMan

    Thats great dear. Keep the intention to your VK, that its done easily and quickly.

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