How to find a suitable place for showroom using vk

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I am trying to find a space for my showroom but without sucess. Plz guide me on how i can use VK for the same..Thank u so much


  • @Ashwin

    Hold VK and use an affirmation" GOLDEN SUNRISE make way for a prosperous, safe and best place for my showroom NOW".

    You can take energies of Total Wealth Serum, Balance Serum, Alpha Male Serum.

    You can also send GOLDEN SUNRISE energy to the PROCESS of hunting, possession and other formalities of your showroom.

    One more thing.... What would you to the income after you open your showroom? What would you do when your showroom would be best in its field? Plan to save some amount out of income from first showroom for the next showroom also.
    What would be your life routine with self and family?

    If you want you can reply these questions else write somewhere in your notes.
  • Golden sunrise
    Thank u so much for ur guidance .
  • Waiting for opening of your showroom @Ashwin
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