Using VK to remove negative energy in a home

How can I use VK to fill a friend's house (outside Mumbai) with GS BS ACS SO7R and Hanuman Chalisa


  • @Saibisa

    What is BS, please mention full forms of energies

  • @Saibisa

    Also read this new article on negative energies in a home and Sharat Sirs experiments in his new invention, which will be launched anytime !!

  • BS is Balance serum.
    I read the article "negative energies in a home" Waiting eagerly for the new invention to be launched.
    In the meantime can I say "VK please activate and fill XYZ's house with GS, BS, ACS, SO7R and Hanuman Chalisa NOW FOREVER

  • @Saibisa

    Yes you can, but please use full forms of energies while requesting VK. VK can send energy for 30 mins at a time, so one may need to repeat continuously if the house is badly affected. Protection during sleeping hours would be still missing !!

  • Thank you very much

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Why did you mention, "protection during sleeping hours would be still missing!!"
    Can we request VK to protect the house and people in it during sleep?
  • @Gayathri

    I think you missed reading my post fully. If the house is affected badly, bad energyies may keep coming, so energy requirements are high.

    VK can give healing for 30 min, but energy may be consumed in such homes as a faster rate.

    So here the demand of energy is much higher than supply,

    You can always request to protect house. The point was related to intensity of negativity.

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Oh.. Now I understood clearly mam. I missed that point. Thank you mam. Eagerly waiting for the new invention of Sharat sir.
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