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Clarity regarding career path/life purpose

I am the crossroads in terms of my professional life. 8 years into IT job, I feel its now or never to make a career change. But I am facing a lot of confusions.

I don't again want to get into something which I eventually regret/don't enjoy doing.

I feel what I choose now should be something I can continue lifelong happily, atleast it is in line with my life purpose in sense something I'll always enjoy doing.

At the same time I feel is it better that I just put all my energies and manifest a nice comfortable job which pays me well.

I am unable to make a decision due to which i don't have clarity what is it that I should work upon regarding my professional life.

Please suggest what should I request VK to help me get out of this sea of confusions.




  • @anuk187


    Before answering your question, i have questions to you

    Can you share answer for this, will be able to help you better if you can answer

    1. Is the change required because of stress in current job or profile or due to people or superiors

    2. Do you like being in this field if you get a better organisation.

    3. Can you do freelancing in this field, would you like it

    4. Is there any other talent or option which you know you want to explore since long time, but not tried it

  • Sorry for such a late reply. Your questions made me think but didn’t have definitive answers. Since then various things have taken place and has made me realise.. its not the IT career that I am disliking but the kind of profile I have been working on..

    But lot of other things are happening on my personal level...positive and negative that for the time being job change is on back burner..

    I’ll revisit the thought provoking questions you asked me before I take the next step.

    Thanks a lot
  • @anuk187

    Thats great the questions got you in a thinking mode. Its a good sign.

    Positive and negative are two sides of same coin. It depends on which side we want to focus on .

    Regarding your thought on job profile, you can request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE MAKE WAY FOR AN INTERESTING AND DESERVING JOB PROFILE FOR ME NOW.

    Don't think from where you will get the opportunity , just pray for a profile change,,,

    Thank you for your thanks. GOLDEN SUNRISE !!

  • Thanks @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher

    Within last couple of weeks some changes occurred, about which in the beginning I wasn't too happy with but realized it is all working out for the best of me..!

    • We were told our project will come to an end in couple of months. I was very confused which skill I should focus on to prepare for getting next Project.

    • My senior told there are no project for my main skill so I should focus on learning new tools. I was bit upset, more because all the efforts it would take to learn a new tool. I started trying to learn couple of tools I had worked in the past. But just casually one day my senior suggested a new tool which is very much in demand and fairly easy to learn.

    • I realised how much it would help me in all fields to learn this new domain and tool. So much that I am more excited to work on this tool rather than my existing skill. And I also remembered the request suggested by you 'VK GOLDEN SUNRISE MAKE WAY FOR AN INTERESTING AND DESERVING JOB PROFILE FOR ME NOW.' I had used it only few times...but it really manifested so well and so soon. It really got interesting! :)

    • Currently I am giving myself Study Serum +Brain Serum+ Alpha woman Serum to learn the tool at its best. Also I got assigned a mentor to help me.

    Big Thanks to Rakhi mam Sharat Sir and my VK :)

  • @anuk187

    Wow thats amazing.

    Thank you for sharing and thank you for your thanks.

    Your posted combination is good.

    Please add GOLDEN SUNRISE in all healing as it enhances the healing.

    BALANCE SERUM can be added too without a second thought.

    Hope you are separately taking TOTAL WEALTH SERUM too, to welcome opportunities and prosperity in all possible ways.

    Keep updating here and ask your VK whats next ? =) B)


  • Yes Mam, Thanks
    I'll add Golden Sunrise and Balance Serum too.

    Will be more regular in taking TWS too.

    Will keep this post updated as the progress occurs :)

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