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Divine VK was a savior in my trip

My train ticket was RAC and within two hours of boarding the train, another passenger got along and i was almost half sleep. Immediately i requested VK for help in get berth for both us since it was overnight journey and next day was full of travel plans, Within 30 minutes of requesting VK the co-passenger went to some other vacant seat to sleep and within 60 minutes TTR came to me and said sleep here only as the other passenger seat is confirmed in other coach. It was really quick help from Divine VK. During the trip, i had sprained my left foot and was difficult to walk. Again I requested VK for foot reflexology energy and massage energy, even though the pain was there somewhere inside me got the strength to walk during the entire trip and where we had to walk for long distance, the pain was not felt at all. Most of all, all the temples we visited the darshan was really blessed one!!! the queue in most of the places was less or moving even though we had been on the weekends. While coming back also it was RAC and i got berth little late but i know Divine VK wanted me strong enff to face the situation!!! Overall Divine VK was a savior, Thank you Sharath sir for giving us such a infinite gift which is limitless in manifestation and GOLDEN SUNRISE switch words which i was chanting during travel to have smooth and planned trip.


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