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Diving into the FOOD Sensitivities / FOOD ALLERGY Issues

I would like to start a discussion on this hot topic if anyone has questions, concerns, thoughts and ideas. Using Sharat Sirs wonderful serums and getting in a little deeper with eliminating (is that possible??) different food sensitivities and allergies. Know and unknown. Thoughts? ideas? Thank you everyone!! xo


  • @Julesmm

    All Clear Serum is best to nullify effects of hypersensitivities.

    I get cold from banana . So i charge it with ACS and then have it without any health issues.

    VK users have charged wheat for gluten intolerance using ALL CLEAR SERUM. It has worked wonderfully.

    I have given ALL CLEAR SERUM with Beauty Serum to a child who got chills and skin rashes due to some hypersensitivity. He got discharged from hospital in 2 days. Doctors could not control his late night chills 10 days previous to this VK healing.

    So do try ALL CLEAR SERUM and other relevant serums for hypersensitivity or allergies.

    I have many such experiences with ACS

  • Thank you that is good info!! I know i asked someone before also about the MSG that is added to so many of our foods and also the issues in regards to glyphosate that is sprayed but I can't find where that was answered - it was good information too!! Does all clear target all things that are detrimental to our health or do we have to be more specific?

  • @Julesmm

    ALL CLEAR SERUM has the potential to clear all that is detrimental. You can even choose to be more specific in your intention and this includes for Mono sodium glutamate (MSG) which is harmful but a regular ingredient of sausages nowadays.

    It would include those of herbicides too like glyphosate too.

    You can even request directly, VK please negate the effects of glyphosate(or gluten/MSG) in food items and keep VK on these foods say maybe 5 mins.

    You may be surprised to know that I request VK to negate the effect of icicles in an ice cream, so that i can have it without the fear of sore throat.

    Please do read about ALL CLEAR SERUM in this link how versatile it is.

  • Thank you very much that was very helpful!! I tend to get a migraine from eating soups that have added MSG in them but not all foods with MSG. So that will help - I will use that with all my foods when I don't know what is in them!! one more thing, ALL CLEAR doesn't remove beneficial things correct?

  • I am pretty sure i know the answer to that just making sure ;-) Thank you for all your help!!! <3

  • @Julesmm

    Yes you are right All clear Serum doesn't remove beneficial things. It holds Divine energies, locked for anything negative.
  • @Julesmm

    You can charge the soups with GOLDEN SUNRISE and ALL CLEAR SERUM.

    For migrane, please start your day with water charged with GOLDEN SUNRISE DIGEE SERUM and BALANCE SERUM.

    Even before you have your first coffee or breakfast, take sips of this water every 10 mins at least twice and then have your first food ...DO this at least for few weeks.

    You can continue this throughout the day too, most of the times migrane occurs due to hunger pangs or sometimes irregular eating habits.

  • I use to get headache once/twice in a week and it use to stay for 2-3 days. Sometimes unbearable.

    2 weeks back Sharat sir gave me advice to take DIGEE SERUM daily. With this I added BALANCE SERUM & GOLDEN SUNRISE and taking it every 10 mins.

    From then I didn't get any headache. Also with this I feel easy with some of the fruits I was scared as I may get headache.

    Thank you Sir for inventing VK and blessing me with one.

  • @Chetandurdi

    Thanks for posting your experience with DIGEE SERUM.


    Continuing with inputs for your main post....

    Some hypersensitivities such as lactose intolerance occurs due to lack of enzyme lactase.....which may be due to absence or lack of normal flora (the microorganisms present in digestive track to produce enzymes) or problems in intestine.

    Here DIGEE SERUM and BALANCE SERUM takes i know one VK user who reported lactose tolerance after using DIGEE SERUM regularly !!

  • Thank you PJ, Rakhi, & Chetanduri for your suggestions and info!! Very helpful!!! Blessings to all, always!! ;-)

  • Thank you for your thanks @Julesmm
  • Hi ... my son (1 Yr. 11mnths old) vomits out pomegranate juice whenever i have given it to him. Shall I give the fruit Digee serum and all clear serum and then squeeze the juice out?

  • @Sulatha

    Vomiting out pomegranate juice can be due to intolerance to it or can be due to taking the juice in higher quantity.

    Please give your baby combination of BABY CARE SERUM DIGEE SERUM and BALANCE SERUM for at least few weeks daily.

    Build up a strong digestive system. After sometime, maybe some weeks later, you can start giving pomegranate juice in very small quantities and increasing it gradually to optimum intake. Do not stop the DIGEE SERUM combination.

    You can charge the fruit juice itself with DIGEE SERUM and ALL CLEAR SERUM.

    BABY CARE SERUM takes care of all needs of babies growth including digestion teething, overall growth. Do continue with it for up to 3 yrs of age.
    You can add DIGEE SERUM to boost the effect for good digestion.

  • yeah ma'am was giving him ENT serum, baby care serum, perfect health serum... but as u know my water charging tech was wrong... recently have corrected the water charging tech. It has been three weeks his cough has not subsided...

    Will definitely start giving him the above mentioned combinations.

    Thanks a ton!!!

  • Sulatha

    You can also add energy of color ORANGE to heal gold and cough. The cough will start scratching from the chest.

    Please note that it is color ORANGE and not the fruit Orange. Both have different energies, so intend for COLOR ORANGE.
  • @Sulatha

    In addition to what PJ has suggested. You can make this request

    VK please send energy of MAHA MRITUNJAY MANTRA to my baby's health

    For babies, you can charge baby lotion with the energies and apply on their chest for energies to stay longer.

  • Do you have remedy for severe headaches that seem to come on when I am in my plant nursery. I have no idea what it is, but it seems to be when I spend time with these plants. It could be in the nutrients I add or the plants themselves. Thank you Golden Sunrise

  • @Pollyanna

    Sometimes aroma from plants can cause headache or if there are pollens around giving intolerance.


    You can do this for nutrients too that you are handling.

    You can do one at a time to know the cause.

    You can also request VK to guide you to the cause.

  • Thank you so much. I will put these suggestions to use and keep you posted. GOLDEN SUNRISE to you all

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