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Lost Gold bangle at home - Got back in 3 days

I had a new maid for house cleaning and i have other support folks coming in daily .
I normally keep my bangle beside my bed while sleeping.
This new maid cleaned the house and while i was about to leave for work i started searching and my bangle was nowhere.
I immediately texted Sonia -VK Teacher for help. She asked me to
Give sheild of 7 rays to my gold bangle...and ask vk GOLDEN SUNRISE MAKE WAY TO GET MY BANGLE WITH ease NOW.
And chant REACH BANGLE SAFELY... switch words
On the 3rd day I got my bangle back... maid who i doubted she returned it saying it was in the balcony. Thank you VK .
Thank you Sonia Teacher you have been so supportive and helpful. Your guidance is remarkable.
Thank Sharat Sir for inventing VK


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