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When you need to contact someone and get a response a.s.a.p.

edited February 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

I need to get information from someone. Unfortunately all correspondence is done via her assistant ( who does not always respond in a timely and forthcoming manner). Since time is of the essence, how can I best utilize VK to get this woman( or her assistant ) to give me all the information that I need and fast.


  • @Erika5900


    Also keep the intention of reaching the person for 2 way communication NOW instead of asap.

    NOW speeds up healing

  • Thank you Rakhi, while I was waiting for a response I tried an experiment. I took My first VK, chanted Golden Sunrise (3X), I requested This VK to activate the energy of Saint Expedite ( * to expedite the matter quickly )I chanted GS, Now, Now, Now. I placed this VK under a pyramid. I took my 2nd Vk and requested that it boost the energy of Vk #1, Golden Sunrise ( 3X ) and Now (3X ). I also placed the 2nd VK under the pyramid ( facing but not touching VK #1. Within an hour I received not 1 but 2 responses ( with all the information that I needed). I'm overjoyed Sharat Sir and Golden Rakhi, I can't express my gratitude enough!!!

  • @Erika5900

    Wow Thats great . Thank you for sharing your experience and method with all .
    Thanks to Sharat Sir for VK and new method of BOOST with multiple VKs

  • There was a posting by Sharat Sir on requesting divine now now now. I am unable to find it. Can anyone please point me to that link which shows expediting manifestation. Thank you
  • Omg great.....baba bless ...thnku my love vk
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