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Using VK and a pendulum?

I have been learning how to use a pendulum before being introduced to VK - At times I have found it very helpful and other times frustrating, mainly because i feel that my ego mind tends to get in the way and therefore there are times where i don't trust the answers i might be getting.

So i was wondering if you could explain your thoughts on working with a pendulum and if/how we could learn to use it with VK??
Lots of questions around this but thought i would start here.

Thank you for your time and also just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU - GOLDEN SUNRISE to everyone here and those that have started this forum and are here helping us all learn together!!! It really is appreciated!!! love and hugs ;-)


  • Golden Sunrise Divine Soul,

    I believe you use the pendulum via dowsing method to receive guidance , answers to questions , clean chakras , restore balance , relieve pain and clean negative energies , etc. These are just some of the things that you can do with a pendulum. I have personally used it and witnessed some patients subjecting themselves to this healing . But many a times felt that each time answers were different for the same question. As you may agree , this healing depends a lot on the practitioner as well as the patient/client and there are many restrictions attached with this healing.
    Now all this you can achieve with Vk alone with simple requests whether it is cleaning chakras, diagnosing where the problem is in a person's body , getting peace of mind even seeking an answer like yes or no with the help of VK.

    Vk can moreover mimick any healing modality like reiki , etc

    As far as your pendulum goes , you can send GOLDEN SUNRISE and ALL CLEAR SERUM to your pendulum regularly.


    SIMPLE REQUEST -- VK Golden Sunrise please make way for correct and accurate answers with my pendulum.

  • @Julesmm
    BALANCE SERUM will help you.
    It will help you even when you use any dowser like pendulum.

    It will help you to balance your mind and soul and all energy systems in you.

  • Thank you both that was helpful!!! ????????✌️❤️????

  • ???? oops didn't mean for the question marks!!

  • Oh it does that itself with some of the emojis!!

  • Can we use VK as a pendulum for Yes/No answers?

  • @suds1977

    Experiment on this and share your experiences
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