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edited February 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Golden Sunrise Friends
Recently I had experienced the Divine presence. On 2nd Feb 2018 My Bade Papa (Elder Brother of My Father aged 83 yrs) was admitted to Hospital for breathing problem having some cardiac issues. Doctors previously advised to use pace maker. But it was not done. Anyway we admitted him to a nearby Nursing Home at 8 pm. After initial diagnose, doctor told to shift him to ICU for observation. I left the Hospital with One of my cousin brother there. At 12 mid night I got the call from my cousin that Doctor advised to shift the patient another well equipped Hospital for Cardiac patient as they don't have that setup there. I again rushed and shifted him to another Hospital. There we got various delayed process to admit him, anyway we got through and admitted him in emergency ward. Then they shifted him to cabin after fitting a Temporary Pace Maker. Now his condition improved much better then was. whole night I was there healing him with MAHA MRUTYUNJAY MANTRA, ALL CLEAR SERUM, HEART SERUM, IMMUNITY SERUM, PERFECT HEALTH SERUM etc. I saw the signs of improvement.
But when I saw some improvements, at that time I was distracted repeatedly like sisters were telling me to bring the medicines, deposit fees etc. When I was out of the room, then the patient got the issue of breathing. But normalized when I was present. After repeatedly seeing the signs till next day i.e. 03rd Feb up to 1 pm, I as a VK user withdraw myself from the situation to give way for the Divine to do the work as to be happend
I left the hospital and my cousin was there. Doctor again shifted him to ICU from the cabin. At about 7pm when planning to go again to the hospital, I got the call at 7:30 pm from my cousin that his father was no more.

Moral is Sometimes we have to see the signs of Divine, which we have to obey and give way to Divine to do the needed work as it should be.


  • @Anit Nayak - Supportive VK Teacher

    Thank you Anit for sharing your emotions and learnings of life through VK with a big heart.

    I can resonate with this experience as I had a similar experience with my Uncle, where I suddenly felt energy was not going to him one morning and stopped healing with VK, and later came to know he was no more.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts and to your determination to reach out to your dear ones with care !!

    Thanks to Sir for VK giving us signals and learnings

  • Thank you for Your Thank you Rakhi Ji

  • Thankyou for sharing anit ji, every moment is a learning with Divine VK.
  • Thank you for Your Thank you Puneet Ji, indeed every moments have it's impact.

  • RIP to the departed soul. Its actually a learning for many of us including me. My question to @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher is that what if in same situation we write name of the person on paper and also write the mantras and keep VK on the same will work or no as I can understand the situation in such emergency is as I have gone through the same.

  • @Shrinath

    Yes you can write the name of the person and any positive energy on paper including mantras and place VK on it. VK will energise it.

    You can even write Cosmic Serums on paper, only when you write serums, don't put them in a circle. Serums work beyond the person, so not to limit them in circle.

    Keep the name and Serums open without any boundary while writing on paper.

  • Wonderful sharing!!! Most of the times whenever i request or wish for something, at the end i pray to divine to give me only if it is best for me!!!

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