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Hanuman Bahuk......Energy of MIRACLE

Can I use energies of Hanuman Bahuk for joint pain.



  • @mukeshmg sir,
    Hanuman bahuk is said to written by tulsidas ji in devotion of Lord Hanuman and Lord sriramji. It is said to be used to heal physical pains and illness by Tulsidas.
    It also removes negativity and evils as per energy of Lord Hanuman.
    If you feel you connected with hanuman bahuk you can surely use it with VK.
    VK can mimic any deities and divine beings energy in any form of chalisa, prayer, gayatri and more.

    Please feel free to expore with VK and do share your experiences with us.
  • You can also use GOLDEN SUNRISE, PAIN CARE SERUM, ALL CLEAR SERUM, BALANCE SERUM for any joints pain.

    You can also do VITAL ORGAN BALANCING for joints.

    You can also watch this joint pain cure Video by sharat sir
  • Pls put some light on HANUMAN STHIKA also
  • Sir VK can mimic any of these energies,
    Please use any according to their significance and uses.
  • Gs my vk family.....i want to ask that there are so many postive words like happiness ,joy,love,peace,etc we can mimic all these i was chargng water with energy of joy suddenly thought came in my mind and chrged my water bottle with energy of miracles..this will work ??imean this is something logical or not??
  • @shaluoli

    Great idea. Experiment it with your VK and share the results with all of us.

    This is thinking out of the box.

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