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Which bach flower remedi can be given to the tobacco and panmasala addicted person?

Golden Sunrise My husband is addicted to the tobacco and panmasala. Pls advice me the procedure of vk to get rid of his bad habbits



    2.You can charge his coffee, tea, water with this combination and you can also request VK to give directly these energy to him.

    3.You can also charge his tobbaco packets with Anti Addiction Serum by directly,
    or simply write on a piece of paper "Tobbaco packet of his name"
    Now request VK Anti Addiction Serum × 3 times and keep VK over it for next 30 minutes.
    Please read this beautiful article on our website
  • Thank you very much sir, just wantedto ask how many days or month it takes to clear his addiction? Can I give above given serum in one water bottel in one go?
  • Yes mam you can give above combination in one water bottle, coffee, tea also.
    Please charge his tobbaco packet directly or by intention on paper with AAS,ACS also.

    Mam results vary from person to person and conditions. It is really impossible to describe energy need in a particular healing.
    Please just keep intention To Remove Addiction NOW and FOREVER.

    One thing is observed if Reasons are get Healed then Addiction get Removed quickly, please check accordingly if you can know any reason behind Addiction.

    You can also add TOTAL WEALTH SERUM if he is addicted due to any financial stress.
    In case of any depression Please give MOOD UP SERUM.
  • @Sonalichakole

    To add to what Puneet has suggested, when you use Antiaddiction serum , PLEASE use with intention of what is required to be de-addicted. In this case as there are two things, charge with ANTI ADDICTION SERUM once with intention of de-addiction from tobacco, and again with ANTI ADDICTION SERUM with intention of de-addiction from pan masala. You can do both in same water bottle or foods.

    Also read this learning post from Sharat Sir to be followed in every healing not only for addiction..

  • Golden Sunrise, Thanks for the reply. If the water bottel is charged once it is charged forever or we have give energy with vk again n again. And after sending energy with Vk we have to keep the vk aside and we are not supposed to use vk for next 30 min. I am little confused pls clearify this.

  • @Sonalichakole

    Water is the medium which acts to carry the energies once charged with VK, so until you don't consume the whole water, energy still remains within water. So there is no waiting required. There is no need to recharge the same water.

    When you place a direct request to VK to send energy to a particular energy receiver and then keep it aside, VK sends energy to that particular energy receiver directly . At the same time the receiver is also using the energy. The supply of energy should be balanced with the requirement of receiver, so it is advised to keep VK aside to allow VK to send energy.
    30 min is the maximum time VK works on auto healing mode.

    You can break the request in between if you wish in case of emergency or critical situation or when the wish is fulfilled before 30 min.

    To understand more, please read this post by Sharat Sir

  • Thanks, Even if the bottle is charged still we have to keep vk aside for 30min?

  • @Sonalichakole

    No. After charging water, you can use it immediately, because the water is already charged.

  • Maam/ Sir I am not feeling positive after wearing Vk otherwise I always think positive why like this?

  • @Sonalichakole

    You can please wear VK during the daytime for 2 hrs only.

    You can do other healings of water charging, requesting and keeping aside but wear VK only for two hrs.

    Then each day increase the wearing time by 1 or 2 hrs.....

    Please check this article on Tips before using VK.

  • Golden Sunrise, My husband has completely stoped chewing tobacco and panmasala from last 2 days I give him water charged with anti addiction serum. But I don't know till when he will not eat this again because its an addiction and those u has stopped eating still they get the craving and start eating. So sould I continue with the Antiaddiction serum or stop?
  • @Sonalichakole

    Thats a great news. Thanks for sharing. Please give him charged water with ANTIADDICTION SERUM for some weeks.

    Also include All CLEAR SERUM for few weeks so that all accumulated unwanted effects and energies are cleared from his body and mind from his past addictions,

    Also keep the intention that is he free of such habits NOW FORVER. Please change this thought of craving about his old habits.

    He will get added energy through your positive intention.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts !!

  • Golden Sunrise, Thanks to Sharat sir, vk and all of u who has put so much of efforts on mu buddy VK. I love mu VK so much.

  • Golden Sunrise... If a person wants to get rid of non - veg food... which serum should take?
  • @Sonalichakole
    It is again Anti Addiction Serum with the intention of leaving non veg food for the person.
    Add intention of NOW FOREVER if you want to get over it forever.
  • Thank you ma'am
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