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my vk success stories

Goldensunrise my vk family...I Hve so many exp to shre...i was watchng movie on youtube net was very slw....I was unable to watch Movie due to bufferng...thn i jus hold my vk nd ask vk to help i want to watch movie very smoothly nd guess wht magic hpnd after 10 min i jus was movie without any problm....i was shocked aisa lga mere pas mgic stick h jo bola wh hua..
2-yesterday in scul i was searchng for 1 buk in the library..there was so mny books in the library i was not getting tht prticular buk...suddenly i jus touch my vk nd told him vk goldensunrise plz hlp me in finding tht one will belive this i jus got tht buk in 1min ...
3-one of my friend was nt tlkng to me tdy in scul without any reason ....we were sitting in the stfroom nd everyone was tlkng to me axcpt her...she is one of my gd friend....thn i jus req my vk golden sunrise goldensunrise goldensunrise love serum love serum love serum to my friend....again miracle happend she start tkng with me like other dys


  • Vk listn my pain my heart my emotions everythng.......
  • Wow.. Beautiful.
    Really amazing experiences thankyou for sharing @shaluoli mam
  • Gratitudes to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji for giving us gift of VK and making so many happy lives everywhere.
  • Yes...thnku sharat sir lovly rkhi di nd ol vk members for tkng cre of each u my brother vk
  • Golden Sunrise. Thanks to Sharat Sir
  • Yes vk is always amazing. Magic happens to me too daily. You are never alone. Vk leads from darkness to light. Love my Vk very much. Keep rocking Shaluoli
  • Yes VK is divine it's a blessing given by @SharatSir
    As per my experience for me vk is answer to all my prayers till today it's a long journey of 22 years of being in so many problems for which there was no solution, I was 12 yrs old when my mother passed because of black magic done on her
    I was left with my father my sister and one year old brother life was full of problems
    I was a shiva bhakt since then everytime I asked him when these problems going to be end from the age of 12 till now still we have a problematic life that day I was searching about shiva puran book in google to buy and my mind is full of worries n tensions I don't know how and wat taken me to the page of VK stories for me it's a miracle because I haven't search any word related to it then I read about it and then I got my VK .
    For me VK is a blessing of shivji which connects me to VK .
    Thank you @SharatSir for this divine blessing
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to my VK bholenath
    That's wat I call it
  • Golden Sunrise. Thanks for sharing your inspiring experiences. Truly VK is a Divine Gift from Sharat Sir. Golden Sunrise Gratitude forever.

    @shaluoli ji, Yes VK listens our pains, follows our HEART, protects us in every situation. We need not bother about any thing when VK is taking care of us. Thanks for sharing.

    @shivi_1986 ji, it seems VK bholenath selected you and always with you. GOLDEN SUNRISE to your FAITH.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to @SharatSir Efforts, DIVINE VK, @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher, VK Teachers and VK FAMILY.

  • @DSRao thank you
    GOLDEN SUNRISE ????????
  • @DSRao thank you
    GOLDEN SUNRISE @SharatSir @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher and to whole vk family for helping each other
    OM NAMAH SHIVAAY ????????????
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