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I want to heal my Toothache completly

edited February 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
GOLDENSUNRISE. VK FMILY....iam hvng tootache iam uaing beautyserum+pain care serum nw fln much better....plz advice if i can do smthn else to heal my pain completly


  • @shaluoli

    If its cavity, please do zapper healing 9voltz 10 kilos with safety and security.

    Charge your toothpaste with GOLDEN SUNRISE + BEAUTY SERUM + ZAPPER

    Just keep VK on your cheeks where the pain is and lie down on that side, the pain will reduce.

    You can also take energy of teeth filling used by dentists for that tooth.

    However if its needs some dental treatment, you can follow the dentist

  • Goldensunrise di pain gone completly ...thnku thnku thnku vk
  • @shaluoli

    Wow. Thats great. I was just reading your question post again, your wish was to heal your pain completely and your last post also says pain gone completely.

    See how VK works on clear positive intentions. Your question itself was first request to VK.

    Please also post what you additionally did with VK so that its learning for all !!

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for VK working on our positive intentions !!

  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Ji. Please let me know how to do "zapper healing 9voltz 10 kilos with safety and security". Thank you.

  • You can simply request "VK please activate Zapper Healing 9volt 10khz" for me or xyz.(with safety and security)
  • If v hv lots of problems in teeth..n dentist charge large amount bill to us..bcs all dentist suggest diff n charge diff n wat they r saying like root canal cap thr is lots of chargr n diff v knw tht dr is saying right or wrong...n thy using right ths time wat to v gt right dr..with reasonable rate..n how vk help for our teeth
  • @Mitali
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Request VK in your own words to lead you to best doctor with reasonable fees.
  • Thank u maam
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