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Chant REACH COUNT 2 lakhs Rupees & Activation of Lower 3 Chakras

This discussion was created from comments split from: My Success with VK : UNEXPECTED MONEY.


  • two times i got money to chant daily "reach count 2lac rupees now with activate my lower three chakras takes exact one month time to achive my request Thanks to VK
  • Woww @rohini ji thankyou for sharing your wonderful experience. Your experience will motivate many users.

    Now you can also use BALANCE SERUM is a complete solution for chakra and to balance every aspect of life for Health Wealth Relationship


  • @rohini

    Thank you for posting your success story.

    You have beautifully used the switch word REACH COUNT (amount ) NOW with VK and combined with additionally requesting VK to Activate lower 3 chakras.

    And love your patience of chanting this for a month. VK delivered what you truly deserved !!

    Thanks to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor for VK manifesting in simple ways.

  • In case of chanting is it like any particular number or just randomly chanted. Any serum chanted or taken through water ?

  • @Shrinath

    It is best to chant without counting....because the focus shifts to counting rather than on energy.

    Some people do count like 108 times , thinking its auspicious. Its a belief system.

  • edited January 2018
    6 month pehele sudenly muje har haal me 12k ki need thi maine socha lets try with vk chapter me search kar ki waha muje dika ki vk activate unexpected money now karke i requested vk "i need unexpected money now " karke chant karna start ki next day saturday tha maika ja rahi thi sitting in bus i got message from bank that 18000 credited to your acount am shocked where it comes money asked everyone sabne kaha No hum ne nahi beja maine payal mam ko bi message kiya mam kaise pata kare ki paisa kaha se aaya hai karke mam told ask bank lekin maine pucha nahi used money bcoz i need tat time ek mahine baad muje bank se meeeage aya ki transaction mistakes se agaya tha tho apko wapis loutana hai tho main thoda thoda karke deposit karke chukadi... vk do anything thanks to sharath sir
  • vk ke saat meri bahut saare stories se hai likte javu tho fourm success stories bhar jayega vk is my best frnd etna keh sakti hu my friend can do anything for me
  • reach count 2lac rupees now with activate my lower three chakras

    Just to know in this- activate lower 3 chakras is used in relation to the money wish or its a totally different wish but said together....
  • @Dolly

    Its done separately from reach request, but for money in this case.

  • Sorry.. but still I m not clear about how these chakras is related to money...on what basis it is opted...
  • @Dolly

    Chakras are energy systems in our body. Their activity relates to many aspects of our life.

    Each Chakra has a significance and they need to be active.

    Earlier Sir has been guiding VK users to activate 3 chakras and it helped many VK users making them more responsible, attracting more finances and to all related aspects of material world.

    Sir has upgraded Cosmic Serums to include energies which activate or balance chakras.

    So for prosperity, TOTAL WEALTH SERUM can be used , it already has required energies.

    And BALANCE SERUM takes care of all CHAKRAS.

  • OK thank u mam....
  • Thank you mam got new idea.

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