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My son is in 12th and want his exams to go very nicely

Which serums shld I use fr this .
So his exams go very nicely


  • @minal12

    Pl use GOLDEN SUNRISE + STUDY SERUM + TOTAL WEALTH SERUM . This will help him to focus and concentrate on studies. TWS will help in his career planning.

    You can give GOLDEN SUNRISE to his question papers and answer sheets and also to the administrative authorities who would be evaluating the answers.

    You can separaately also give BRAIN SERUM + EYE SERUM + PERFECT HEALTH SERUM for his memory, stamina and to take care of his eyes in long hours of study.

  • @minal12

    You can watch this video for him or send the energy of this video to him with VK.

  • Thnk u sooo much Rakhi mam.
    Gratitude to you nd Sharat sir
  • Golden Sunrise
    My son hve scored 82% in his 12th science board exams .
    Thnk u soo much VK Sharat sir, Rakhi Mam , Payal Mam nd everyone in the litarian team fr ur gd blessings
  • @minal12

    WOW. Thats great.

    Congratulations to your son, proud parents and family.

    Thank you for sharing your happiness with all of us here.

    Thank you for your thanks. Thanks to Sharat Sir for VK and his initiative for Mass Cosmic healing session for students every year.

  • Wow Congratulations to your son and the family.
    These happiness and results are real gratitude to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor for his hard work.
    Thankyou for sharing mam.
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