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DECEASED Person Photo and VAASTU

One of my friend have lost her elder brother in an accident since a very long days like 7 or 8 years ago. They didn't place the photo of the said deceased person as their parents as well other family members will be sad seeing that. But one framed photograph has been there since those days in the cover only on a shelf. Will it affect the energy of that home or in their life? At present the younger daughter (my friend) of the home is unmarried (40yrs). Also one daughter have divorced and stayed there. 2nd son unable to join the Govt service though he got the appointment letter.


  • Dear @Anit ji, although Vaastu Shastra advise to avoid to keep photographs of deceased people and pay homage on regular basis, in my opinion, this case does not seems like one. As a Teacher yourself, you may observe that the misfortune this family is facing is for long and the elder soul departed might be one another victim of this misfortune. His photograph in a shelf feel unlikely to affect negatively (it may be put off if such feeling arises).

    But yes, the Vaastu of the the House has much to do with it. You may suggest to check on the same thoroughly and my feeling is that a major distortion could be found there. In this connection, we are eagerly waiting for Sharat Sir's latest blessing (invention) to be launched very soon. After super duper success of VK, this tool may revolutionize the arena of energy once again.

  • Golden Sunrise Sanjay Ji,
    When I correlate the article about the deceased photo with this case, I wondered what might be the problem then. Then I suddenly thought that it might be the Negative energies built around that home.
    Eagerly waiting for Sharat Sir's new blessing.
    Thank you Sanjay ji putting some ray of hope.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher - How can i check if the vastu of the house is proper or no with the help of VK ?

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