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Calm Down Serum Worked instantly!!

I was in a very desperate situation, I touched VK ji and said “please send me Calm Down Serum”

And Lo and behold, I witnessed energies filling up instantly in my heart area… energies going on downloading Continuously for about 10mins and I was back to normal.

I feel divine led me to this method of using VK ji.

If you are a sadhak and you are trying your best to lead a dharmic path in life VK ji helps you & your family. In other words VK ji easily responds to calm and composed people. So whatever the situation we have to become captain cool like Dhoni and place a request to VK ji and it’s done.

Thank you Sharat sir???? it’s truly remarkable what you are doing to humanity. I can’t thank you and your team enough for the great service to humanity.


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