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Energy of Clairvoyance Affirmation and Removal of negative energies.

There are many great experiences with Divine VK.

I'll share one of these experiences here.

I was always interested in clairvoyance and other clair senses.
But felt those meditations were a bit time taking and not easy to do.

So with VK direct request, I took the Energy of Affirmation " Iam extremely and accurately clairvoyant" 4 times everyday.
From the 15th day of taking this Energy, I started observing some changes.

I started seeing lights around me and in my home. Flickering lights.
I saw some kind of black Energy like small black balls moving near the dustbins.

First a few days, I was excited and happy that Iam able to see energies. But later started feeling scared.

One day, I was sleeping on my bed and saw some kind of creature like black shadow of adult human size crawling into the bathroom (attached bathroom in the bedroom).
I was terrified.
From that point of time, that bathroom was giving a very bad smell though I cleaned it properly. How much ever I was cleaning the bathroom after that, the bad odour was just not going.
I thought may be this was due to Negative energy Presence, I requested Lord Hanuman and Archangel Michael using my Divine Vk to remove the negative energy from the bathroom. Within one minute, the bad smell is gone.

This is a great miracle of Divine VK.
Thank you Sharat sir and Divine VK.

I stopped taking that Affirmation Energy and taking BRAVO SERUM now.
I want to make myself strong now.


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