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Healed my 14 years old pet dog from lethal parvovirus in less than 36 hours

I would like to share my happy story with Divine VK. My husband and I was visiting my parents in Bali few months back. They look after my pet dog since I moved permanently to Australia. Before we arrived in Bali, one of my dachshund dog (14 years old ) went missing after big rain, my dad suspected he was swept away by flood water. I was very sad but I have faith, with VK help my dog is safe. I sent whatsApp message to Sharat Sir for his guidance. SIR suggested keep Chanting REACH and send direct request.I kept sent direct request 4-5 times a day to my VK and boost with my 3 other VKs, Reach my dog ( Bull is his name ) Now, SO7R, GOLDEN SUNRISE and PHS.
My brother found him safe and sound after 10 days, the day we arrived home in Bali. A lady found him and decided to keep him in a very small cage. But my dog keep barking because he doesn’t like being in the cage and it was heard from my dad house. I was so happy and grateful that DIVINE VKs keep my old dog safe and bring him back home where his family loved him. I thank and inform Sharat Sir that my dog has been found.

2 weeks after my dog back home he fell ill all of a sudden. He kept vomiting, diarrhoea with blood. He was bleeding heavily. We took him to our family vet and he was not confident that my dog will survive. After blood test and examination my dog was diagnosed contracted Varvovirus.
The vet told us the chance are very slim because my dog is old and he is bleeding internally. The vet said if my dog immune system strong enough and made it to day 3, he will survive. If not my dog will die. I burst in to tears. I requested my VK to sent energy healing required to heal my dog now forever 3x every 15 minutes, with another VK I requested with direct request energy of MMM, GS, PHS, ACS with intention to get rid of the virus from my dog body, and SO7R. Also I requested the same healing to charge the drip as the vet put him on drip with other medication.
24 hours later the vet rang my sister said my dog are fine, eating a lot, drinking, barking and back to his normal self. The vet want to sent my dog home but we asked if he could stay another night just to make sure he is 100% recover.
Until today my dog Bull is a happy and healthy old dog.
I am so grateful Divine VK saved my old dog, he is not just a dog, he is part of our family.

Gratitude to DIVINE, VK and Sharat Sir


  • Amazing experience. Got emotional while reading. Thanks for sharing this experience with us. Golden Sunrise to your dear dog

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