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My Journey with VK and VS so far

Golden Sunrise
Jai Sairam

Life is not linear. It has its own ups and downs, twists and turns. I was also going through a tough time. As I am a staunch devotee of Shirdi Saibaba, I always prayed to him to solve my problems. I had spent so much on astrologers, remedies, gem stones etc for my problems but nothing worked. One day in 2017, while I was scrolling my Facebook page, I came across Sharat Sir's Litairian group and I joined. I read the experiences and success stories of VK users . I read about VK. After reading so many success stories, I thought that VK could solve my issues too as so many people have benefitted . I planned to buy one .
I mailed to Litairian to enquire about the price. To be candid, I didn't have money to buy. I mentioned the same in the reply and was told to chant 'Golden Sunrise'. I was desperate to own a VK. After few months I was able to arrange money . I called Sharat sir and had a detailed conversation with him about the benefits of VK . Sir told me" Agar bhavishya me kabhi bhi apko lage ki VK ne apke liye kaam nahi kiya toh aap apna VK mujhe wapis kar dena aur apne paise ( jo us time VK ka price hoga) le lena. " These words convinced me so much that I finally bought one. I started healing my problems with VK. Gradually I got to see changes in my life. Last year, I bought a VS . After installing VS, my house is free from all sorts of negativities . My problems are resolved with VK and VS. Today, I have five VKs and one VS , my brother has two VKs and three of my close friends have also bought a VK and VS.
Even today, when I look back on my life, I realise how much I had suffered and how happy I am now. I can feel the difference. This is my journey with VK and VS so far and I am rest assured about my journey ahead. I trust VK, VS and Sharat sir blindly. Gratitude to Sai and Sharat sir. I am really fortunate to have met a kind soul like Sharat sir who I respect a lot.
A piece of advice to whosoever reading this - ' VK and VS are blessings in one's life and they work wonders. One has to be patient.'


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