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Taychon energy healing

Golden Sunrise All,

I am glad to share a post which I am trying & finding good results.

This is a new breakthrough revolutionary holistic healing technology called Tachyon energy. Benefits include a more rapid healing and at least a partial reversal of the aging process.

Tachyon energy is the first form of energy that comes out of Zero-Point Energy. It is formless and invisible and therefore studied in the highly specialized branch of science known as theoretical physics. It is only recognized by its effects and impact on the world around it & there are no devices to measure it. This new Tachyon energy contains everything required for the perfect energetic continuum, which exists in every human and non-human animal. When we become sick or are injured and can’t recover, or suffer from mental or psychological pain it is because something is interfering or blocking the flow of Tachyon Energy in our energetic continuum. Tachyon cannot be influenced by any other frequency because it operates beyond the speed of light and not at the speed of light. It is not subject to the gravitational pull which makes energies attract and stick to one another. Therefore, all problems mental emotional and physical can be affected positively by Tachyon energy

This energy healing method using Tachyons aligns and controls our bodies at a cellular level, allowing our hormonal production, metabolism, and vitality to soar. Accelerates spiritual development by activating Third eye chakra (Pineal Glands), Releases emotional & mental Blocks, Heightens Physical & spiritual awareness, Heightened Visual & audio abilities, Deepens meditation experiences, Positively protects Outer body experiences. Taychon energy restores our chakras & meridians to Zero point which acclelerates the capacity to heal our bodies faster from Diseases & illness, increases stamina, rejuvenates & balances, repairs DNA. Amazing for body pains, depressions & mild detoxification
With Divine VK, I tried healing my body holistically with Taychon and I feel amazingly rejuvenated & energetic

VK, Pls fully heal my body with Taychon energy, Taychon energy, Taychon energy and remove all negative energies/blocks, pains with safety & security.

Divine VK, Pls fully heal my body, mind & soul with Taychon energy, Taychon energy, Taychon energy and remove all negative energies/blocks, pains with safety & security HEAL NOW FOREVER

Many Thanks to Divine VK, Sharath Sir, Divine energies, the Supreme Almighty God & all the Litarians & teachers .!! With deep Gratitudes..!!



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