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Lumbar Decompression surgery - stiff back,Lumbar, numb legs

Golden Sunrise All,

I am happy to share my recent experience with Divine VK & Divine blessings..!!

I used to have stiff back, lower back pain, numbness in legs as I had suffered a back injury due to a fall few years back..( Injured L4/L5 Lumbar)...Many sessions of doctor consultations, physiotherapies over the years had cured it only with 25-30 percent....After I got VK, taking pain care serum charged in water had reduced the pain to a large extent....But doing physical work like standing, walking, driving 2 wheelers, cleaning works, meditation etc for more than 30 mins I would feel the pain/stiffness in my lower back return or I would wake up with stiffness of lower back pain, numbness in legs & low strength in legs/feet... Though I had VK, had been ignoring this problem..

Recently I was looking at the root cause of problem and tried the energies of Lumbar Decompression surgery with VK few times... Viola, I am feeling great relief, stiffness in back & legs/feet getting numbed is almost gone..Back, legs & feet, Spine are with more energy & Vitality..... I am now able to do physcial work for longer periods, walk more, Drive long, sit in meditation for an hour without numbness

VK Pls give me the Positive energies & effects of Lumbar Decompression Surgery with saftey & security Now Forever

Whenever I request the abv energies, VK gives me great effects of a Lumbar massage & pains in the region comes down..
Hv taken 3 times or so & hv got great relief...Each request session by VK, goes for 20-30 mins for me.

PS Note: People with serious conditions of Disc Bulge issues/Slip Disc or other major spinal/DISC issues/ or on medication, pls consult doctors & exercise your wisdom & expert Judgement before trying out... ( one can also use VK to give the energies for 5-10 mins or so by setting the time Limit & or in small installments)

Many heartfelt Thanks to Divine VK, Sharath Sir for blessing us, Divine energies, the Supreme God Almighty & all the Litarians & teachers .!! With deep Gratitudes..!!



  • Great! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  • Wow, thanks for sharing this. No doubt that VK has limitless possibilities. Thanks a lot to Sharath sir and whole team of Litairian for their support to guide us whenever we have doubts on correct use of VK
  • Very Nice Experience.

  • Gratitude dear, for sharing your experience and the healing therapy you used by imparting us the knowledge. Gratitude to the infinite possibilities of Divine VK, Sharat Sir n the whole Litarian team and everyone, for all your support and guidances. Thank you and God bless
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