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Edema - Swollen Body parts Cured - VK Success Glories

Golden Sunrise All,

I am happy to share glories of VK in successfully healing Edema for my Father in law last month. His whole body had swelled up due to fluids getting trapped in the body. Thighs face, ankles, legs were swollen up & causing urinary issues. He has had heart surgery in few years back & has prostrate issues

 Edema is a medical condition where whole body parts gets swelled up due to fluids trapped in the body & improper function of fluid drainage affecting the lymphatic systems & Immunity.

In 4-5 days VK has successfully cured & reduced entire body swellings….Below were my healing prayer requests to VK & its combinations. I gave healings 4-5 times a day plus there was medical intervention as doctors changed his tablet Dieter which he was having earlier & prescribed new tabs. 

Divine VK pls give -->  

+ Hanuman Chalisa +  Maha Mrityunjaya mantra
Reiki healing for lymphatic system
Energies of Sapien Medicine video on Lympatic effusions
Energies of Chandra gayatri mantra.   ( as moon rules the lymphatic systems)
Horospcope Balance  - by Balance Serum & Golden Sunrise daily ( paper method)
VOB on thighs, Legs, stomach, face & all affected body parts. ( used paper method of writing person name & his body parts names on a paper & keeping VK on it and also physically rubbed VK on affected body areas when I visited him)

Hope this helps people who are suffering from illness of Edema…. Many Thanks..

Many heartfelt Thanks to Divine VK,  Sharath Sir, Divine energies, the Supreme almighty God & all the Litarians & 
   teachers ..!! With deep Gratitudes..!!



  • ????
    golden sunrise
  • Thanks for sharing! So glad for you
  • Wow great … very innovative way of healing … Golden Sunrise..
  • Wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Golden Sunrise.
  • Thanks All for the comments...Golden Sunrise..

  • Gratitude dear for explaining and guiding for the issue of edema involving the role of lymphatic system and amazing results from Divine VK. Golden Sunrise and God bless
  • Srinidhibg, please for your assistance and thanks for your explanation. Can you please confirm if the entire process you have outlined was done at one time. E.g the Serums were sent at one time, then at a later time you sent the energies of the mantras and so forth until you complete the entire list you have suggested. The person was not with you. In my case it is me. So I was wondering if I can do it all at one go.Thanks for your input.

  • Golden sunrise @raphalst1 .....You can give the serums & mantras in any combinations...Just follow your intuition....

    As per my recent latest usage, The below combination works much faster & more effective than the article I wrote for Edema & swellings...The main cause of Edema is issues in lymphatic systems, water drainage in body & improper blood circulation.
    you can give the below energies 3-4 times in a day like morning, noon, evening & night for quick results

    Divine VK, Pls give enhanced energies of --
    Sapien medicine video on Lymphatic System Blockage Removal and Enhanced DrainageV2.0
    + energies of Sapien medicine video on enhanced Blood Circulation
    + Calm Down serum
    + Hanuman chalisa
    + Maha Mrityunjaya mantra
    x 3 times ( with the intention to cure all the swellings & cure all the diseases)

    Thank you

  • Srinidhbig, most gracious of your taking your time to reply. Thanks a million.

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