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Successful miraculous results using a simple switchword from Sharat Sir Switchwords List using VK

GOLDEN SUNRISE to Divine VK, Sharat Sir and the whole Litarian team. VK is a beautiful guide if you have a quest for knowledge to learn many things from the Universe. Switchwords can be chanted on own or proxy chanting can be done for other people. Now the challenge which came to me was a group of people and pets, who had chronic pain with different issues. Since serum percentages are divided, I cant use it for treating a group. So the guidance which came from VK was to write the names of people in Capitals and below just one switchword in capitals. So I requested VK to guide me properly so that all are getting equal benefits for the highest good of all. I searched in google, came across Sharat Sir Switchword dictionary, in that I typed for all 100 entries, so that I can have an eye on many list, and alas in the 2nd page I landed here, where I felt a sense of satisfaction. The switchword is
CRYSTAL POINT JUDGE ELATE _( organs Name)_________NOW.
I immediately took my book wrote each and everyone's name in capitals with the switchword in one set, like that many sets leaving gaps between each set thinking it's an energy circle and wrote for example:



Both the pages of the book was filled with different people and pets name and switchwords for the respective organs in small letters and circled it 3 times with VK all the energy circles( each set) of people and pets, the way we draw invisible energy circle and the gave the command to VK,

Divine VK please activate all these energy circles of both the pages of the book with the following switchword, (3×)
Shield of 7 Ray's (3×)
Heal Now forever with safety and security.  And kept VK in between the book and closed it. VK has it's own wisdom to heal the pages instructed through our command in the book, so kept closed.
I never keep any expectations when working with VK, I infact give command like an ignorant kid.
In one incident, I was astonished when the doctor herself commented while doing open surgery that they themselves were amazed at the patient, as he didn't feel any pain nor before nor after without giving any treatment for pain.
In second incident, the pet after an injury in an accident, unable to walk and eat food is restored to normal walking after giving serums with VK and this switchword healing.

I have no words to express my Gratitude to Sharat Sir and his Divine creation VK, and your whole team and forums and websites and You tube videos , which is adding values and healing and saving many lives. God bless all of you Divinely. Thank you Universe.


  • @Sriya
    Nice experience
    Thanks for sharing
    Loved your enthusiasm
    Just to add that when you activate more than one receiver even for ECs with energies , the energies get divided between the receivers not only for Cosmic Serums but for any energy.
    Only when you say activate ECs, all ECs get activated.
    In above case when you sent energies like GS SO7R . ., the energies got divided between all receivers
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE and Gratitude Rakhi maam, thank you for correcting the mistakes and imparting more knowledge of how the energy gets divided. I love all your tips and respectfully use them in healings. Thank you, God bless you
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