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Higher pitta(acidity) level

My pitta(acidity) level is increased . Which Balance serum should I apply. The 5 elements 3 nature OR VK please balance my pH.
Can I do VOB of only my stomach area everyday as I don't get time to do VOB all the organs.


  • There is only one Balance Serum. Take it with All Clear Serum with the intention to flush our excess pitta from your body. Stop taking tea, coffee, and other hot nature foods. You can do VOB too on the stomach area.

  • Golden Sunrise. Yes sir there is only one Balance serum.What I mean to ask is that I can use Acid-Alkaline balance and Tridosha balance to balance the vata-pitta- kapha. Sir I am these acid-alkaline balance and Tridosha balance and getting much much relief.But I have a question can I use acid alkaline balance 2 times a day or is it supposed to be used only once.
  • Sir. Just one more question.If any particular serum I'm using for my health or any other things but that might not be needed for my body but unknowingly I am using it. Then will that serum apply on me or not.It won't do any harm to me?
  • edited August 2023

    That serum will bypass your energy system without causing any side effects.

  • Ok sir.Thank you
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