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Archnoid cyst detected with midline shift

Hello Team,

My daughter (11month) has detected archonoid cyst in her brain and due to this midline shift has been moved, so all respective doctors (multiple opinion are conducted) are suggesting surgery, i do not want to perform the surgery because she is very small and the surgery is complex. so i am still beliving that she is completely fine and no need to do any operation. that will recover magically. from last three day i have started to send below energies through VK.

Care serum, brain serum, all clear serum and Mahamritunjay Mantra. every after 30 minutes. so not sure whether i am doing correctly or not or need to amend any changes on it.

I am just looking the ways where operation will not be needed and it should be auto recovered. so please suggest how i can process to achieve this.

I have requested one more chotu VK today for booster. so please give me the action plan which can help me to boost to complete heal to my daughter (Sanvi)

Thanks once again for the support.


  • edited August 2023

    Give her Care serum, brain serum, all clear serum, and Mahamritunjay Mantra as much as possible. I wish her a quick recovery and good health.

  • Thank you sir
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