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VK is making our life easier and giving strength

Golden Sunrise...

Few days before Litairian, VK was totally unknown for me. But now it's part of my life. For that, thanks youtube to showed me Litairian Channel for the first time. And then I came to know about VK.

In just 2 weeks VK becomes my best friend. I can share every thought with VK and feels VK's vibrations in this sharing.

I welcome VK for my elder brother who is going through buccal mucosa advance stage cancer from last 4-5 months.

It's huge to know about VK but now a days I'm gathering drop by drop from Litairian Forum as per the need.

With VK started my brother's treatment as following :

Water charging for family : VK Balance Serum...x3, Digi Serum...×3, Immune Serum...×3, Perfect Health Serum...×3, One Soul Serum...×3.
And have VK on pot for 30 minutes as it's approx 5 liter.

Water charging for brother : VK Golden Sunrise...×3, Care Serum...×3, Pain Care Serum...×3, Perfect Health Serum...×3 for my brother...
And giving this water (approx. 300ml) for once a day - morning time. But just read have to divide doses in whole day. So i will correct this.

Direct request to VK - Whole day I request VK for my brother's health. Holding in hands request VK in different Combinations :

1. VK please send frequency of Care Serum...×3
Balance Serum...×3
Pain Care Serum...×3 for my brother... now

2. Vk please send Mood Up Serum...×3
Eye Care Serum...×3
Care Serum...×3
Perfect Health Serum...×3 for my brother ... now

3. Vk please send energy of Bhaktamar Stotra no 45 with Riddhi-Siddhi ...×3
Saibaba Udi...×3
Mahamrutyunjay mantra Energy...×3
for my brother ... now.

I'm repeating all these 3 combinations for 2-3 times a day.

I am also doing VOB for him once in a day. With taking intention to cure wounds inside of his mouth and close cheek's hole naturally with regenerating new healthy cells, i rotate VK approx for 10 minutes around his right cheek. Then another Intention is to open his mouth - jaw properly and he can able to chew, rotate VK around lips area.

The way which I'm taking help of VK is right or need any changes?

Also I'm doing VOB as mentioned on forum. But I imagine him and then I do. Once in a day.

With this i want guidance how to ask help VK for this particular :

1. My brother is taking chemo properly. But in his last reports his RBC, WBC and platelets counts are down. So how to take VK's help for this issue?

2. I was listening subliminals/frequencies with intention to cure brother's cancer quickly and permanently before I have VK. Now, can I mimic subliminals/ frequencies with VK? If so, how?

Thanks in advance for guidance.


  • @Medha
    Welcome to the healing world
    Your determination is admirable.
    1. Place a direct request to VK
    O DIVINE VK PLEASE RAISE RBC WBC and Platelets to normal healthy count for XYZ (energy receiver) with safety and security

    . You can include HEART SERUM too

    For platelets KIWI FRUIT energy can also be used

    2. VK Tip 34

    Wishing your brother a speedy recovery and GOLDEN joyful life
  • Thank You Rakhi Madam for such quick response. Will follow these tips from tomorrow.

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