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Healing Karmic Relationships with VK

Golden Sunrise Sharat Sir

Gratitude to you Sharat Sir.

Sir, my dad had some extremely negative attitude towards me and Mom left us for heavenly abode in 2006. Honestly I never understood why dad behaves so. I was called carbon copy of dad in behaviour. He was bitter with all at home but maybe others were used to it. I became silent to avoid conflicts but was always troubled with dad's behaviour. Also I had been working hard on my actions & usage of words to give correct perception to everyone at home. Recently I got transferred to my hometown & staying on same floor with dad. He never eats any food cooked by me but from brother's kitchen only. I tried sending a lot of OSS, LS, ACS, CDS, GS & Bach flower rescue remedy to my dad, it didn't really work. I didn't see any difference.

Sir I believe in Karmic accounts and I believe that souls come in the form of close dominating relationships to settle accounts with us. Remembering this, alongwith above serums & bach flower rescue remedy, I additionally started sending Pink & Golden light of love, blessings and lots of positive energy to Dad and requested VK to neutralize our Karmic account here and now forever and make our relationship loving and cordial. To my utter surprise within 20-25 min after this first request, dad asked to make breakfast for him for the first time, started talking nicely with me. I was really surprised yet kept sending the energies once daily to dad. I thought it must be because of some fight with brothers that now he is having food from me. I checked with brothers after 6-7 days as dad has started daily breakfast from me, both conveyed that there were no fights & they too are surprised. Everything is normal between dad & brothers. Then I understood that VK is delivering results. I am so Happy and thankful to you Sir for your blessings through VK.

I had applied the same with other relationships too, with my boss specially because it is also due to Karmic account. Past two days, I sent these energies to my boss alongwith request for neutralizing my Karmic account and her behaviour has changed drastically positive.

Gratitude to VK
Gratitude to Sharat Sir
Gratitude to Rakhi Mam for constant guidance


  • @SumanGoyal_1 ji
    This is amazing experience.
    Neutralizing karmic account with people using divine VK is a great idea.
    Thank you for sharing this is important and life changing experience.

    Thank you @SharatSir and Divine VK.
  • @SumanGoyal_1
    Nice experience
    Thanks for sharing
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your new relationship with your father
  • @Gayathri Mam

    I was just trying with faith in VK. It really works wonders. Sometimes I wonder did this really happened. But that's true. Forgiving the pnes whom you can't forgive & seek forgiveness for the wrong doings neutralises our Karmic account. I have also started seeking forgiveness from whomsoever I am trying to neutralize my Karmic account as I understand that I am in this situation because I must have done terribly bad in past or past janma to that soul.

    I feel it really is releasing my negative Karmas too.

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Mam

    Thank you. VK is a big big blessing Mam. I feel VK has its unique ways of delivering results, we have to try and find our individual ways to connect with VK.

    Thank you Mam for guiding and for blessings to new relationship with Dad.

    Mam, even after slight fights, things get normalized very quickly is a great change that I see.

  • @SumanGoyal_1 ji

    That's really great information.
    Seeking forgiveness from our loved ones and forgiving them improves our relationship and changes our mindset towards them.
    Then neutralizing our karmic account with them with the help of VK.

    Combination of the both the procedures should be done to improve our relationship with anyone.

    Without the help of VK, this process would take a lifetime.

    Thank you @SharatSir for Divine VK.
    Thank you @SumanGoyal_1 ji for this creative idea.
  • Wonderful way to neutralise the Karmic bonds. Relationship can improve thus making oneself and others around Happy. Very wisely thought to request VK in this situation
  • Nice experience Golden sunrise
  • Great thought process. We would have thought of behaviour correction only but getting thought of past karma correction was commendable. Nice idea.

    Golden Sunrise to your relationship with your dad.
    Thank you Sharat Sir
    Thank you VK
    Thank you universe
  • So happy to hear this story. Thanks for sharing
    VK is such A delightful blessing
    Thank you Godji
    Thank you Sharabi
    Golden Sunrise ????
  • Dear Admin,can you pls delete my comment. I typed in Sharatji,and the auto dictionary picked that word.
    Limitations of the English language.
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