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VK eye Sight improvement with Correcting Vision Access Conciousness Body Process

Golden Sunrise All,

Thanks to VK Divine miracles which are endless to list & its Amazing ways of mimicking...
I am posting only few important useful ones..

My eyesight has improved...I wear spectacles ( Long + short sight. )...I used to hv blurry vision issues, was unable to read News paper & small prints without spex.. Now I can read 10-15 mins without spex with 4 sessions of it... Its still a work in i want to hv atleast 60-90 mins without spex..

I hv used one of the Access Conciousness Body process of Correcting Vision...It's working for me well..

VK Pls Activate me CORRECTING VISION Access Conciousness Body Process for my Clear Eye Sight & Vision with S&S Now Forever x 3 times -- ( I am keeping the intention that I get rid of spectacles)

I daily take EYE SERUM charged in drinking water..

Thanks to the earlier posts of Litarians on Access Conciousness Body..

Thanks to Divine VK, Sharath Sir, All the Teachers, Litarians, Divine Cosimic energies & Supreme God



  • Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I will also start making this request as I use specs. Golden Sunrise ????
  • Thank you so much for sharing with us, what is S&S ?
  • Thank you for sharing. I will also try. What is S&S?
  • Thanks @srinidhibg Ji, for sharing the process. I am going to try this for myself and will share my experience too.

    Golden Sunrise to your efforts.

  • Awesome! Even I use glasses ..Thank you for sharing the process. Will try and share my experience...
  • @Priya -->>S&S means with Safety & Security

  • we should not say S&S ...we should say fully as "Safety & Security"

  • Amazing success story. With Divine grace - anything is possible..!!
  • :) Thank you so much ???? ????
  • Amazing experience, thank you for sharing
  • An excellent experience shared @srinidhibg. Thanks a lot! I hope you achieve complete success in your endeavor to improve your eyesight. Golden Sunrise to all :)

  • Thank you for sharing. GOLDEN SUNRISE.
  • Golden Sunrise
  • Golden Sunrise to All.Thank you for sharing May Divine VK bless you with full success.
  • Just a clarification needed - is it Activate me CORRECTING VISION.....
    I thought me was written by mistake but pl correct me
  • @Maadhu ..Golden sunrise.....what I have written is correct....u can use words like GIVE, ACTIVATE etc... ( Activate <Intention/Purpose). Note: VK works on ur intention and fetches the energies u desire..

    you can further refer to sharath's sir articles on Access Bars. Hope it helps..Thank you

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