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Golden Sunrise All,

I am healing Allergies to one of my cousin ( 67 yrs old) . She is allergic to everything. Their family did;nt know whats causing inspite of showing to 100's of top doctors nor knew the name of the disease...Wen i heard from them, i researched & found its a rare allergic disease known as "Mast Cell Activation Syndrome" for which there is no cure & Medicines... It can lead to Mastocytocis a form of cancer..

The person is allergic to her own blood, air ( seasonal), her own husband, own people & people with other genes, allergic to even dress materials... was in depression, over aggressive, sensitive & in home isolation. Had swellings & inflamations/itching of face, nose, ears, lips & random swellings across the body.. Resents wen i offered to heal..I am now healing without her knowledge..

VK's Miracle is happening... Just 1 wk of healing twice a day her entire condition of allergy has reversed. The swellings, inflamations, itching has stopped & person is fully calm.. Is able to step out of the house...
Seeing the first green shoots, I Hv stepped up her healing now in 3rd week of healing

Below was my healing approach which is work in progress & giving positive results:

IMMUNE.S + PCS + CS + energy of sharath sirs video of Get rid of Allergies + GS. -- 2 times daily
Additional Combination of above with Hanuman Chalisa & Mahamrtyunjaya Mantra

VK Pls RESTORE & REGENERATE the Normal function of MAST CELL STABILIZERS, ANTIHISTAMINES & ALLERGIC ANTIBODIES for XYZ to cure all her/his Allergic diseases with Safety & Security NOW FOREVER

MTVSS to eliminate the malfunction of Mast Cells ( 2 times a wk)
VK Pls Activate MTVSS Access Conciousness Body process to fully eliminate the MALFUNCTION OF MAST CELLS & cure Allergies with S&S Now Forever

energy of sharath sirs video on "FUll body DETOX) + Switch words Video of Aches & Pain removal
Balance Horoscope of all Doshas - Balance Serum
Violet Flame Reiki ( to transmute karmic stuffs & whole body healing)
Lama fera with Chakra Balancing & EFT to remove negative blocks
VOB of Immune system, Intestines, Lymphatic system, Lungs, Endocrine system --2-3 times a wk

Thank you very much Divine VK, Sharath Sir, All the teachers, Litarians, Divine Cosmic energies & Supreme God..



  • Correction its not CS, it shoud be CDS --CALM DOWN SERUM

  • @srinidhibg
    Wonderful experience
    Are you a doctor or some therapist ?
    When i read all your posts i feel how beautifully and meticulously you design weekly schedules with VK healing
  • Golden Sunrise Rakhiji...Thank you very much all the lovely comments of all my posts...I am an Engineer with MBA from IIM-Calcutta with 29 yrs exp in IT Software industry (was Program Head managing multiple clients & Projects)...Now retired voluntarily ... I am initiated in Kriya yoga, Reiki level 2 & Vedic Astrology..I am just trying to get into the root cause of the diseases & study medicinal journals...Now with VK, its bcom a hobby... By Divine Grace, wonderfully sharath sir has initiated me to Cosmic energies thru VK....:)... Golden Sunrise DIVINE..!!

  • @srinidhibg
    Good to know your passion.
    Wishing you a GOLDEN SUNRISE journey in the healing world
    Keep sharing your experiences. Its an inspiration to many
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