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VK Cured Psoriasis & Leg Swelling

Golden Sunrise All,

My Mother was having psoriasis since few months & huge swelling of Legs, thighs & feet since a week. She has heart blocks in 5 places, BP & a chronic Diabetes (75 yrs age)..Both these issues are now fully cured in just 5 days by Divine VK & God's grace. Below were my prayer requests to VK.

Leg Swelling:
1) GS + KPS + Heart Serum + ACS + balance serum.
2) CALM DOWN SERUM + energy of sirs video on kidney health + energy of sirs video on heart health + sirs video on improve health and make life joyful + PCS
Apart from Direct requests of above, the same was given with charged drinking water as well, each 4 times a day
3) VOB of Legs, thighs, feet. - twice a day
4) VOB of ROOT Chakra

1) ACS + Immune Serum + Balance Serum/PCS/Beauty Serum + Hanuman Chalisa + Mahamrtyunjaya Manatra +GS
( Direct request combinations of above were used seperatley 3-4 times a day eg: for Morning/noon/evening/Night)
2) Charged drinking water as well with above combinations
3) VOB of IMMUNE SYSTEM with GS+Immune Serum + Beauty Serum + MahaMrtyunjaya Mantra
With the above, she has developed good immunity & the marks of psoriasis patches, pain & itching have vanished.

Golden Sunrise Thanks & Gratitudes to Sharath Sir, Divine VK, Divine Cosmic energies, Supreme God, All the teachers & Litarians..!!


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