Can VK give me the Ashta siddhis and the Nava niddhis if I request VK?

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Golden Sunrise to all of the VK members,

Hi, my name is Kris Sivakrishan Sooriya, and I was confused by this question that I had asked myself, whilst reading the famous book "Patanjali's Yoga Sutra."

The question was,

"Can VK give me the Ashta siddhis and the Nava niddhis if I request VK. Is there a particular way I should request VK if I ask for highly spiritual powers."

 As in the Patanjali's Yoga Sutra it mentions that one should open all chakras and reach Samadi to harness these powers and treasures, but can I request VK to make me harness the Ashta Siddhis and the Nava Niddhis. If so is there a procedure, or shall I just request VK as I normally do?

Please enlighten me on this question!


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  • Golden Sunrise Kris. Delighted to know your wonderful desires. Especially boy of your age asking for Ashta Siddhi & Nava Nidhi. Wow !!

    Yes, VK may give you, what you desire, but within the orbits created by the Divine. VK always shall be at the giving end, but we have to be worthy of receiving the blessing. In the spiritual world, several things comes to the chosen ones.

    First of all you must know what you are asking for. This Grand Great endowment was given by Mother Sita to Pawan-putra Hanuman ji. The verse goes like **"Ashta Siddhi, Nau Nidhi ke Daata, As Var deen Janaki Maata" ** translation is that Mother Janaki (Sita) blessed Shri Hanuman ji and atuned him with the power to give 8 Siddhis & 9 kinds of Treasure. This Fantabulous boon was bestowed on Hanuman ji because of his Tremendous devotion, Pure Heart and being already calibrated divine levels in him. In today's world, attaining such heights are like a child asking his father for the Moon to play.

    Secondly, please understand what 8 Siddhis are :
    1. Anima : Power to transform into an Atom.
    2. Mahima : Power to enlarge oneself to a Giant size
    3. Garima : Power to increase weight colossally.
    4. Laghima : Power to become lighter than a feather
    5. Prapti : Power to Obtain anything at will
    6. Prakamya : Power to acquire anything on desire (Kamna).
    7. Ishatva : Power to attain the Godhood.
    8. Vashitva : Power to control anything and everything.

    If you feel you are worthy and are of this level to behold these powers, then Yes VK may get you Ashta Siddhi and also Nava Nidhi. Alternatively, I would suggest to continue on this path of Spirituality and God willing, raise your spiritual levels and claim your gifts from the Almighty. VK will surely be the medium for your achievement.

  • Thank You Thank You so Much Sir!!!
    Really needed this divine answer, thank you so much!!!
  • Thank you for your Thank you Kris, You are always welcome.
  • Sorry to bother you Sir,
    Golden Sunrise,

    I was so convinced with your powerful reply to my question, and I loved the bit where you had mentioned that now asking for such powers is like a child asking their parents for the moon to play with.

    My subconscious reply was that even Sri Ram in his childhood had that desire of playing with the moon, and had achieved that desire with the moon's reflection on water, therefore I thought that I still had a chance! So my curiosity made me ask this question.

    How do I request VK to gain the Ashta siddhis and the Nava Niddhis?
    How can I ask VK, because I am not good at phrasing things properly. Therefore I would like some help.

    Thank You in Advance!
  • Golden SunRise Kris !! As I said earlier, I feel delighted to be in touch with such a determined Kid, as you are. May the Divine help to raise your spiritual levels.

    Reply of your sub-consciousness seems to be a story told or read by you some day. Stories are not what sub-consciousness apprise you....its your Mind Archive what gives you these kind of messages. Anyways, Shri Ram's playing with reflection of moon was a child's play. We call it Bal Leela. Your desire is real attunement. Do not settle for reflections, Elevate yourself, rise to claim your desire.

    Request to VK, to cleanse your Spiritual Body and then ask "O my VK, please raise my complete Self to be worthy to receive Ashta Siddhi & Nava Nidhi" x 3times. Keep VK between both of your palms in shell shape, relax your body and feel the energies cover you all over.

    I wish you all the best son.
  • Thankyou so much sir for your precise knowledge and time to answer this beautiful question.
    Feeling Blessed to read this conversation lots of love appreciation to master kris. Divine blessings keep it up.
  • Yes!!! Thank you so much for giving this lovely in-depth reply.
  • I am impressed by the knowledge and diplomacy of VK Teacher Sanjay Roy - it was a pleasure to read this questions and deep answers.

    What makes the dialogue even more precious is the fact that the Divine VK is responding on positive demands.

    Thank you Thank you Thank youv
  • A MIRACLE OCCURED WITH THIS PRACTISE. I kept requesting VK for the Ashta Siddha as per your kind advice, and 2 weeks ago in a Biological lab, I discovered that I had Anima Siddhi. Now I didn't shorten in size, but HAD a CLEAR MAGNIFIED VIEW. I was able to see all properties of a nucleus without a light microscope. For a moment I couldn't believe it, then when I tried again I saw the onion in the size of a mustard seed and my teacher was in the size of an 8 year old girl ( This was to show that I had achieved Mahima Siddhi)
    Then I fainted, and was at first aid. Haha. At last, my VK Sadhana was a SUCCESS.
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE @Kris_Sooriya for this wonderful Sharing. It is posts and sharings like this that help me (and others like me, who get disappointed easily) stay on the path. Your story has a real lesson in FAITH on VK and power of consistent efforts.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE GRATITUDE to the loving VK Teachers for continuous helping and guiding.

    Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU.

  • @Kris_Sooriya

    Amazing experience Kris dear Thanks for sharing. I missed reading this post last month.

    I can imagine what you must have felt at that time.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for VK giving OUT OF THE WORLD experiences !!

  • The easiest way is to connect with the nearest siddh purush who already has attained siddhies.

    Bonus: Ask VK to give the benefit of the mantra mentioned 'tamill vedham 01'.
    (It is by a siddh purush who can open a million doors)

    BTW, you have a partner in search.
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