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VK brought my parents after 6 years

Happy sharing of a VK experience hereby:

Due to certain situations, i couldn't see my parents for six years together.. due to covid, and then further due to their health, they couldn't travel from hometown... due to my health, i too couldn't go to them. Many times tickets were booked and cancelled.. Parents started saying even whether they will meet me again...
I held VK to my chest, lied down silently, and mindfully talking.. my cheeks drenched in tears.. i felt like sleepy for few seconds, but then to my surprise the tears had dried up... VK had dried my tears!! I understood VK is taking it to process, in an hour, i got a call saying again my father cancelled the ticket but this time i kept quiet. In the same month end, my parents arrived and stayed with me for three months.. i was so much happy to be with them..

I wish to mention to any souls seeking help or trapped in situations that can't be shared to anyone or awaiting guidances... VK is here to help beyond requests.. by simply talking your mind to VK...

With immense gratitude and love to Divine master Sharat Sir, Rakhi maam and Litairian team and all wonderful co-travelling souls



  • @jayasubvk
    Beautiful heart touching experience
    Thanks for sharing
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your VK journey
  • What a beautiful experience. Felt intense love and deep feelings while reading this. Thanks for sharing with us. God bless you!

  • Heart touching experience indeed ! Happy to know VK understanding and responding to our feelings too. New learning! Thanks for sharing
  • Very heart touching I also miss my parents..happy for you ????????????????
  • Your beautiful experience really touched our hearts dear. Divine VK's response to your feelings is beyond measure in such times of adversity. God bless you and GOLDEN SUNRISE. Gratitude for sharing.
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