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My First 48 Hrs with new VK - A Journal

Golden Sunrise Litarians & Sharath Sir..!!

It has been just 48 Hrs since I got my new VK and I asked my VK before posting this weather to do or not…The answer I got from VK was "share your blessings"…!! I am Pleased to share this with all of you!!

:) Lesson 1: Anxious, Tension & Worry
I was so anxious on the delivery of VK, I was tracking the courier company frequently from Delhi to Bangalore. My VK had already arrived and was lying in a courier Hub since Saturday night which was just 6 Kms away from my place. Sunday was holiday for courier. I was so eager & anxious, that Monday I went to courier Hub & checked for VK….I got delayed searching their address & when I finally got hold of them, they said it is already out for delivery. I came home & I was happy to see the courier person standing & I received.
VK had already thought its very first lesson that I need to be with Patience, without worrying/Anxiety too much & being always Thankful..!!

:) **Lesson 2: Doubts on VK working & Alignment: **
I) VK simple Pre-test: While VK was in transit Hub close to me & not yet in my hand, based on various earlier posts in group, I tried to experiment it. I requested a deep sleep for half an hour for myself on the Sunday noon. I was watching mobile & suddenly fell into a deep slumber without my knowledge. I heard a sound of a bell in my head & wen I woke up, I had slept exactly half an hour .
II) Once I received VK I wore it without any formalities. I tried to use few VK requests & none of it worked. I had mixed feelings & sense of hopelessness. I soon realized, I was either giving requests wrongly or with feeble Intention. I started chanting "GOLDEN SUNRISE" every 15 mins & as & when I got time.. I went thru many posts and started using the below requests 3 times each ..& also before I went to bed & daily morning. I said it with a clear intention from my heart & mind without worrying on the end results..

Divine Vk, please, align myself with you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually NOW FOREVER
 Divine Vk, please, activate and send EFT to all my fears about you

III) The lesson-2 that I learnt was, Be clear on your Intention, Be simple in your requests & don’t hurry, Surrender to Divine & don’t worry on the end results. Divine VK is the best Judge, it knows the best path & intelligent enough to give the solutions
IV) Just as an avid student of Vedic astrology, the next day I casually checked the panchang on the time of arrival of VK, I was shocked to my dismay, that the date & time VK had arrived was in coincidence with my birth Lagna. It had arrived automatically on a good time, good Muhurtha & auspicious day suitable for my star. My running to the courier centre was a waste of time.

** :) Lesson 3: Be Calm & Unconditional, Do one at a Time Step by Step:**

I) The next day early morning I chanted " GOLDEN SUNRISE" & chanted most of the day.  I again requested VK for aligning me with it.  I saw the 11 energies picture of VK by sharath Sir in the intro page and Imagined those 11 energies are in my VK. I charged water with Pain remedies for my 7 yr old cervical pain in morning ( with Zero energy feelings). I did not do anything with VK whole day except praying VK for aligning me & praying Divine.  Early evening, I did VOB by placing & rubbing VK on my neck & cervical. After some time, I started feeling instant relief. After an hour an intense pain shot up. I again placed VK on cervical & neck. I felt need for shaking & bending my neck, rotating my shoulders & rolling around in pain. I felt like pulling every muscle & nerve out of the neck. This stopped after some time. I got drained by this & slept off for sometime. When I woke, I felt a major part of Pain has vanished. After few more hours I felt that around 60% of my cervical pain had been miraculously cured by VK
II) I Listened to sharath Sir's Video on Cosmic codes for Neck pain & Cervical spondylysis. I also watched SUCCESS Video of sharath Sir, so that I can use VK successfully
III) I Also sent a VK request of Love Serum to Universe ( Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavantu - May All live in Universal Love, Happiness, brotherhood & Harmony)
IV) Mean while in the day, I met one of my friend with a Sprained Leg. I gave a VOB to him & Pain Cure. He was not getting proper sleep since a week. Hence gave him VK request for deep Pleasant sleep. I did not worry on the results nor ponder on how VK will do it.
V) In the same night my Air cooler stopped working. Also I had lost my favorite AIR BUDS.

** :) Lesson 4: Give yourself time with VK. Don’t worry on insta Miracles. VK Knows Best what to give & when to give..!! Clear your Negative emotions..!! Help yourself first, You will get Power to Help Others..**

I) Seeing many posts I was aware of VK Miracles. Probably I was too overwhelmed & anxious that such Miracles should happen to me right away once I get my new VK. First day actually nothing happened. I did not even feel the energy in my hand while charging water ( though not mandatory)
II) Next day I woke up again with stiffness in my cervical & neck, though pain was reduced a bit. Promptly prayed VK for alignment & chanted GOLDEN SUNRISE for 30 mins.
III) While I was Charging water for pain relief in early morning I felt a strong surge of energy in my hands. I saw VK and the picture of 11 energies was revolving in my hand with a Golden Glow.  Every cosmic SERUM I filled, I was feeling a strong surge of energy. 
IV) Morning, I did VOB for cervical. Evening I requested for Hydrotherapy. After 10 mins, I felt like lying my neck down edge of the cot and massaging it vigorously. I did this for 20 mins & was feeling mixed pain & relief. By night miraculously, suddenly a major catch & pain in my neck & cervical had vanished. My neck & upper was so free first time, I was on cloud 9. I Thanked VK & divine & sharath Sir profusely
V) Meanwhile my friend called & said he got a very good sleep & his leg sprain pain had reduced a lot
I had told him, that I would heal him regularly & in next 2-3 days he will be relieved. He said, he had gone to doctor & doc also said same. 

** :) Lesson 5: Miracles do happen with VK. Make your intention stronger, Clearer. Work on Priority needs..**
I) Today morning, I continued my usual practices with VK & sat for chanting
II) It was almost more than half an hour of "GOLDEN SUNRISE" chanting, out of the Divine light of VK, a Vision appeared that of Lord Krishna, that he is walking & dancing around VK in Circles in ecstacy. Suddenly he paused & looked at me with a wonderful smile. The VK was all filled with Golden Light & the 11 energy circles pic was like his Dancing floor. This Vision was so strong & clear, I was relishing it & it vanished in few secs. This experience was happening for 2 mins or so. When I opened my eyes I had a feeling that everything was at stand still. I noticed my eyes, Tears were flowing in full flow. I recovered & Thanked the Lord, Divine VK and Sharath Sir with Gratitude
III) Since Last 2.5 yrs , I had missed such Love for Divine with fire fighting too many lifes problems
IV) Later in the morning, I tried my Air cooler which was not working…I tried again it was not working. I remembered VK and sincerely requested to make Air cooler work as we cannot live this summer without it. After my 3rd press on Power Button, the Air cooler roared to life with a very cool air. Such a Cool air from that cooler I never felt since I brought it 10 yrs back. There was hardly a mug of water in it.
V) My AiR BUDS, I asked question to VK weather to wait or order a new one. After 10 mins I got a message signal for a NEW. I asked my house cleaning maid later when she came, if she has seen my missing Air Buds. She said, she did not know it was for listening & she had disposed off in the Dust Bin 2 days back.
VI) Yesterday night, I healed a session for my Aged my parents. They were very happy to know that I have a Divine modality to heal their diseases.
VIII) My Next goal is to earnestly start off healing my Dad (82 yrs) for Parkinsons & Mom for Diabetes & Heart problems using Divine VK.

I have come from hopelessness to hope since 48 Hrs VK touched me. I know, VK is always working. Like how Airwaves are always there, Cosmic energy is always there. VK is that transmitter & Reciever and our Heart & Mind is that radio which we have to keep tuning into, listening into & experimenting..!! The more we Tune into, the better we become as a Human Being..!!

Many heartfelt Thanks to Sharath Sir for the wonderful work to uplift Human mankind, to Divine VK, to the Supreme God & all the Litarians & teachers who posted a great repository of Knowledge of Truth..!! With deep Gratitudes..!!
Golden Sunrise to All..!!



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