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heart operation

Golden Sunrise to Sharat Sir RakheeMadam And all the LItairian mentors
My son is in ICU with a severe heart attack which has been operated upon but it seems the progress is not as good as the doctors thought._He is in Texas U.S A and the hospital is one of the best in the country.I have been giving him Golden sunrise Heart serum Maha mritanjayamantra and Pain care serum All clear serum and the effect of Miraculous Amrita of Immortality continuosly from the time we knew of his condition .Is there anything else? it seems the right side of his heart is weak from a previous attack of which nobody was aware.Any suggestion from anyone welcome.Thank you


  • @jaya8831
    Your chosen energies are good
    We wish him speedy recovery
  • Golden Sunrise
    Thank you Rakhi Madam

  • Golden Sunrise to all mentors Rakhi madam and SHarat Sir
    I had mentioned before that my son had a major heart operation on March 24 in the USA.Till now he is in the ICU .His liver and kidneys are not yet functioning properly his blood pressure is low and he is still attached to a ventilator. He is getting some protein drink and almost no water. He is getting very weak
    As I had VK I was giving him Heart Serum Pain care serum All clear serum Maha mrityanjaya mantra and Golden Sunrise. for low blood pressure I am trying cosmic code video for low blood pressure by Sharat Sir .I have also given Miraculous Amrita of Immortality When I heard he is weak i am trying to give the Nutrition of DR, NANDITA SHAHs VEGAN DIET and Balance serum and perfect health serum .All these I am not giving at once but as I know his condition. Yesterday we went to see him at about 2 pm American time Monday 10 April. Now it is twenty four hours later and my daughter who is with him tells me he has not opened his eyes and cannot move his body .Please tell me what I must do to make him better.
    with pranams
    jaya vangala

  • @jaya8831
    Just send energy of MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA and surrender to Divine for results
  • Golden Sunrise
    Thank you Rakhi Madam

  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Madam
    As suggested by you I have been sending Golden sunrise Heart serum and Maha mruthyunjaya mantra to my son . I am glad to say there is an improvement in his health.He[is off the ventilator and can talk a little. But he is on light dialysis as his liver and kidneys are not functioning properly. He is not passing urine by himself. Please suggest remedy for that . Thank you and God bless all of you.

  • @jaya8831
    Send energy of MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA as much as possible
  • Golden Sunrise
    Thank you Will do it

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