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Exam success

Golden Sunrise Friends ,
I have lot of success stories with vk this deserves special mention .
My daughter who is 9 yrs is very intelligent bt as usual her intelligence is used in games n other activities bt not studies. For the 1st time she had exam papers of 80 marks each. N same time my event was there as well as her teacher was lil occupied with other work . Seeing all this I had to take her studies into my hands . Was continuously giving her energies through water n as well as direct healing she scored 85 % . Her class teacher was so surprised at her marks as even she had low attendance due to health issues. In fact the class teacher praised her for doing wonders n told her she is one of the most deserving students who can be in 1st position in the class . Hearing all this is a proud moment for a parent . All thanks to vk .. no idea wat wld I hve done without you .


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