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VK bloomed my dead plants once again.

edited March 2023 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
GOLDEN SUNRISE VK FAMILY Sharing a small yet amazing success story with u all.
I have 2 lemon plants which I brought from my mom's house specially because the lemon tree at her home does not have seeds in them, A few days back I noticed that both plants are infested with insects and the insects are of different types like snail, and not 1 but many, I tried to remove them but they were stuck very badly..within 1-2 days both my plants dried up completely... I became very sad but at the same time I felt that they can grow again by sending energy from VK and I sent the energy of MMM ( Maha Mritunjay Mantra) and I totally forgot it. The very next day I saw that new leaves are coming in the plants and Within 2 3 days both the plants turned fully green and bloomed. All insects disappeared.
Amazingly Awesome.
This is the magical power of VK, Thanks to the Divine that I got VK in my life which makes everything Possible
THANKS, AND GRATITUDE to Sharat Sir. Who invented VK to make our life easier in many ways


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