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Family bond with VK HEALING

Golden sunrise
I got my little magical VK last year and since then it is doing wonders in my life. In January I had a fight with my parents and I was feeling so bad about it but to my rescue came VK. First, I started practicing forgiveness with my family holding it in my palms along with that I gave one soul serum, balance serum, love serum and all clear serum to our misunderstanding by putting VK on a family portrait. I practice spirituality and oneness but somehow my thoughts don't resonate with my family but to my surprise after a continuous healing for a month I found my mother started practicing affirmations to heal our family bond and just like me she also started focusing on the solutions to stay in a unified bond.
Not only that, we all have realised family values and now daily I and my mother practice sitting for 30 minutes to discuss about spiritual things which clears out the dark energies within us.
This is just a one thing that I'm posting here other than that with VK every minute of my life I feel miraculous energies that connects me with divine consciousness. I'm so grateful to Sharat sir and team for showing us all the divine path with magical vibrations of VK.


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