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Directly sending serum vs activating Reiki or other modality

When I request VK to activate Reiki or Etheric cord cutting empowerment, I feel instant energy which goes for 30 mins... But when I chant Serum name 3 times and hold VK in hand also I don't feel any energy... Is this normal or am my missing something here?


  • edited November 2017

    It is very much normal. Serums work on entirely different frequency and Reiki and other healing modalities work on different. Most of the Healing Therapies are connected with the Frequency of and like Reiki. Most of the time they work from the body to soul and one can instantly feel the entry of these energies in the body so well but serums work from cosmic to the soul and to the body. The entry point of serum's energy is not one's body therefore no or very less feeling. They enter into oneself from soul point to the body and work powerfully.

  • Wow... Amazing info... Thank you sir
  • Golden Sunrise Sir
    It's a new knowledge for me, the way at which Serums works.
    Thank you.

  • Thank you Sir for creating these Serums that have transformed our lives.

  • Great information sir. Thank you
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