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Severe anxiety attack

Namaskar Sharat Sir,

I have been feeling low since past few months, but since 15-20 days I'm getting anxiety attack and internally I feel my body is shaking even though externally it's not shaking.
Could you plz advise what to do?
It's been months I have been taking Bravo SERUM, mood up serum and Alpha Male SERUM, but unfortunately nothing seems to be improving.

Please please help. I don't wish to get in to psychiatry medication.


  • @Pusp
    Whats the anxiety and low feeling about? Send energy to the cause
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher I feel mostly because of this new job where I'm unable to fit. I have been giving golden sunrise and SO7R to my job and above mentioned serums to me through charging of water.

    Yesterday onwards did EFT to whole body to release all negative emotions and Balance SERUM too. It reduces for a while and then again comes back in a more force. Particularly upon waking up from the bed the feeling is more.
  • @Pusp
    If anxiety is due to work or work place. You can send energy on that part.
    Why do you say you are unable for fit in job. Can you elaborate. Then we can suggest more.
    Releasing emotions is giving temporary solution in this case when there is a situation based anxiety, then the situation and person can be energised to cope up or be better handle to that situation.
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher I'm unable to deal with new work place and some unknown fear of loosing job is constantly knocking my head. "क्या होगा" this thought keep on going in my mind in infinite loop.
    Particularly the new tools/technologies I'm unable to learn quickly.
  • @Pusp
    Keep sending GOLDEN SUNRISE energy to every work you do using VK
  • @Pusp ....hi. I hope u r well. I read your post about anxiety. Anxiety is always high in the morning because cortisol secretion in the body is high. Request VK to please manage my cortisol so I can feel calm.
    Golden ???? sunrise

  • Thank you @mahesh ji
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