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Cosmic serums

Golden Sunrise All. If I have already charged the water bottle of my son's with GS, Perfect health Serum, SO7R and any other mantra , and they are already consuming that water, simultaneously can also send direct request through VK for any other serum or energy to be sent to them? Will there be a clash of energies or will both work for my son's?


  • You can do this there will be no clash of Energies or any healing with VK.
  • Thank you Puneetji... Also, Iam confused regarding the usage of the SW "ADD" . Since it signifies increase and enhancement of all things wished for, while charging the water, shud I say , ' the effect of the switchword ADD' or ' effect of ADD' .
  • Effect of the switchword ADD' or ' effect of ADD', both are fine
  • Thank you Sir
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