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Father's health not improving

Hello Sir & Madam I have been using Vk for last 5 years and always for amazing results .But incase of my father's and monther's health am not getting proper results.
My father's issues
1.He had fallen sick last December with pneumonia and sepsis and his organs was failing to work properly .He is a CKD patient with diabetes now.he undergoes Dialysis 2 days a week from this year January. He is mentally very upset for it as dialysis has lot of side effects .He wants at least if the dialysis gets reduced by 1 every week then it would be good as his age is 79 years.we also tried that once a week but his parameters got worsen .
Secondly His hemoglobin levels are two low every time we have give him blood transfusion otherwise it goes down to low to 5/6 .We have tried all medicines but nothing worked due to low hemoglobin he has issues with breathing.He doesn't move much as due to low hemoglobin his energy levels are too low .He is mentally very down .He has issues with sleeping at night too.

Charged water and VOB to organs and to regenerate hemoglobin I am doing VK. but nothing gets better .

For my mother she is suffering from vericose veins in her both the legs due to long standing hours before .
Her major issue now is arthritis , spondylitis .She has tremendous pains on knee,hands and shoulders .She tries to do few light exercises but nothing seems giving results .She has diabetes and high bp also .

Plz suggest charged waters and VOB for my parents .I want both of them to be at least feel good not in pain like this .
I want your guidance ????????????.

Sharat Sir and Rakhi Mam always give best suggestions and I always tried there instructions it worked .Please help .

Golden Sunrise.
Vijita .


  • @Vijita_chak
    Send energy of MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA to your father as much as you can.
    You can also do Self reading meditation by Sharat Sir
    If required MOOD UP SERUM to cheer her
  • Thank you Mam .Will do as you suggested.Thanks to you and Sharat Sir.
    Golden Sunrise .
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