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Relief from stomach pain...

edited December 2017 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
I want to share one of my exp....tdy mrng i was hvng pain in my stmch..i jus rotate vk on my stomch fr some tme......nw no pain nthn...m fln gd...


  • edited September 2018

    After read ur comment i also try it on my chest
    I had chest pain from 2 days due to acidity
    I request vk to remove my chest pain and rotate vk on my chest
    It really works , my pain is gone
    Thanx @sharat sir ????????????

  • Wow Thankyou @shaluoli for sharing your VK experience.
    Keep sharing and motivate us.

    Thankyou @Shivu95952 for sharing your happiness, i read your VK experience on your post keep going.
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